I am sooo over winter.  You know, the whole sick-kids-stuck-in-the-house-icesnowandsaltEVERYWHERE!!?!?  It's time to focus on the positive for a minute, so I am sharing some of our fun upcoming events!

I really look forward to just throwing the kidlets in the car without taking 15 minutes to get ALL the shoes, coats and cold weather accessories.

Also exciting is that soon we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary.   Wha?!  It hardly seems possible.   Our big plans for a trip have been put on hold because of the whole nursing baby issue, but it WILL happen. Oh yes, it will.  For the moment, Lily's Godfather (and his fiancĂ©e) have offered to watch the kidlets for a night. Yahoo!

My hubby is celebrating his 20th high school reunion, and we will be headed to the heartland so the kids can roll in the mud.  Our nephew is getting married, but I'm pretty sure he is still 12.  I'm a bit confused by that situation.

One of my besties is having a baby, and I am SO nerdy excited to play with all of the new baby gear.  I'm guessing the hubby's will have cocktails and watch kids while we do "research".  After all, baby gear is part of my job.  ;)

My grandma is turning 90.  We are planning a big family shindig in LA (think hundreds of my relatives in one place), and I am beyond excited to squeeze the fam. 

Did I mention that I just got my hair done?  Just because mother nature screwed up my date night hairportunity,  I refuse to get a case of the Mondays!

I am one lucky lady. 


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