Crazy Crafting Mama. (See also, Pinterest Always Fail)

I try, really I do.  I am just not crafty.  I can make a mean wreath with very specific ideas or instructions. Other than that, I'm just not good at doing the prettifying stuff.  Yes, I made up a word.

My sweet, precious little Belle is turning one.  One!  In less than a month.  Instead of downing my sorrows in a potent combo of brownies, red wine and Sex and the City reruns, I decided I needed another project.  Ya know?  I just don't have enough to do these days. (Says no mom ever.). 

So here we go!  Here is a link to my Pinterest board of things that I am working on.   The first thing I did was raid Hobby Lobby.  I was armed with the coupon code and my love of everything crafty (without the ability to do it, of course) and mucho dinero later, I was armed with three crazy, cranky kids and huge bags of stuff.

First, I decided to attack all things at once and not have a cohesive plan!  That seems like the best idea right?!  Thankfully, I had a friend come over and patiently cut tulle for my wreath.  She did this while I simultaneously painted, stickered twine and fended off the needs of my children.  I DID feed them, sheesh.

Time for plan B.  Put all this junk away and let's do one at a time.  I think I will focus on the painting for now.  I will take a couple of pictures and keep you posted about my progress.  If you see a white flag waving from the vicinity of my house, bring wine, brownies, and mad crafting skillz.  With a z.


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