First Birthday Crafting...part deux

In my next installment of "I clearly have too much time on my hands," I decided to make some hanging decor for sweet Belle's first birthday party.  These are actually pretty easy and not super time consuming!

saw a picture on Pinterest of a cool food table, and I thought they would make pretty sweet decor, so I grabbed some supplies during my Hobby Lobby dash. This paper I found perfectly fits my pink, blue and yellow theme.

I cut each page in half, making triangles.

Then I punched a hole at the top point.

Next I took this burlap twine I had and strong it through the holes.  I had a hard time deciding whether to knot or to tape the triangles on and in the end I decided on a simple knot.

I then strung them through and knotted them periodically along the length of the twine that I cut.  Of course I did it scientifically and measured, not.  I want them uneven for fill and look anyway. ;)

Here they are in all of their glory!   I can't wait to hang them!

Have a great weekend mamas!  Pretty please, make me feel better and share your ridiculous crafting drama.


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