The baby spoon hunt

I was at my wits end.  Seriously, after two kids I was not expecting little Belle to have such a strong opinion about spoons.  It's expected with pacifiers, but spoons?

Each of my kids has done the paci hunt.  All of them have required me to buy a variety and then they sort of settle on their favorites.  Never with a spoon.  It's been, here is a up.  Done.  

This sweet girl!  She kept spitting food out, pushing the spoon out with her tongue and generally having a hard time figuring out how to swallow after spooning in the food.  So I gave up the spoon and went the baby led weaning route.  It took one huge gagging episode before I was done with that.  It seemed great, and lots of people I know have been very successful.  That scared me.

Because of my background working with littles with special needs, I decided that I needed to check her position.  Lots of great physical therapists have drilled into me that it is important that children are properly positioned when they are eating.  No dangling legs, sitting properly, etc.  I was using the bumbo to feed her and I transitioned into our Bloom high chair.  

It's a great chair because #1, it's easy to clean.  #2, is very adaptable.  It has different seats based on size, and reclining positions that are more comfortable for babies who are just learning to sit.  It can actually recline almost all the way back so a very young infant can sit with the family at mealtime.

Back to spoons, and I tried a narrower stainless.  Then another one I found at IKEA.  She refused.  Ok.  That one was trash.  At this point I am getting concerned that she may never enjoy eating or it may take awhile for solids to be her thing.

The hubs and I happened to go over to a friends house for dinner.  My friend said, "Hey, have you ever tried this one?"  It was a Boon spoon.  The first time I tried it, she ate.  Nothing crazy, but she didn't reject the food and the spoon.  Mama was feeling pretty psyched at this point.

Fast forward to another day, same thing!  Bingo!  Success!  Shazam!  We have found our groove.  I have no tongue thrusting, no refusal and she has started eating more than a bite or two.  I went from a teaspoon taking thirty minutes to get into her body, to her eating a normal quantity!  It was a game changer.  Thank you to Amazon Mom who delivered a bunch more this week!

The moral of this story is, keep trying!  If I had given up our meal time would be terrible.  She would still be rejecting food and I would be at my wits end.  Every child is so different, and this is a good lesson about making assumptions.  You know how that saying goes!  Happy weekend everyone.  :)


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