Teenage wardrobe...HELP!

So, I have two sisters.  They are adorable, fun and I love them to pieces.  That said, I am mostly appalled by what teenage girls wear.  My dad said, "Please...write something to help me explain to the girls what looks fashionable and appropriate."  I live pretty far away from them, otherwise I would be all in their shopping business.  He sent me an email about it later and his exact words were these:

-          Stretch pants that don’t come too far up the crotch
-          Tank tops that can actually be worn in public
-          Shorts that are not old but are not so short that the crack of the butt shows
-          Shoes that are cool but give the girl a little support (most shoes are made by men who don’t like women.) Sperry has some that are pretty good, and also some “flip flops”.  

His words were so funny I felt I needed to share them exactly.  I also feel his pain.  A couple of Halloween costumes ago, I almost lost my lunch.  I DREAD the upcoming battles with my girls and plan to be an absolutely uncaring, uncool mom when it comes to fashion.  So I decided to take pity on dear old dad and come up with some ideas for my sisters.  I should also say that dad will hate most of this.  I can just imagine his thoughts about ripped jeans, but a girl has to be fashion forward, right?

For this challenge I enlisted the help of my oldest little sister who is 16.  She informed me that she is loving all things Beachy and Boho, and patterned pants are SO last year.  After a flurry of fashion related emails, I am pretty happy with our back to school result!  I tried to remain price conscious with these items, while "shopping" at stores that were teenager approved.  All of these pieces would look great with other things already in most wardrobes.  Substitute the boyfriend jeans for some skinnys and voila!  A whole new look.

Clockwise from the left:

YOOX textured cardigan on SALE for $65: 

Cole Haan booties $119:  (I know these are expensive, but they use Nike technology and my little sis has bad knees, there are lots of cheaper versions out there.)

J crew jeans $115 but they are running a 25% off discount right now:

Happy shopping!

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