Whole Foods Bargain Shopper? That's crazy pants.

Some, heck most of you, must think I'm crazy.  I certainly didn't save any money during the opening week of our new Whole Foods.  I, like everyone else, got caught up by all of the cool stuff.  We splurged on prepared foods, homemade Popsicles, freshly squeezed juice and handmade pasta just like everyone else.  I actually went twice, the second time dragging the hubs along.

You see, I have been driving 30 miles to our nearest WF quarterly for meat.  We have tried to buy from local farms, but found that it didn't suit us.  It's difficult to say but I didn't like the flavor of grass fed beef, it was too gamey for me.  I really wanted to like it.  The family didn't mind it but cooking the fattier portions made me gag.  Really.  The other problem was the quantity.  Even with an outside freezer it was just too much.  We have had power outages that lasted days, and that is a huge investment to lose.  All of us LOVED the pork that we purchased, but sheesh it was hard to know what cuts we had out there.  With three littles and a busy schedule, I need some meal flexibility.  We try to plan our meals, but things happen.  I like having some frozen chicken breasts just in case and I don't want to have to worry that all I have are short ribs or a roast that takes forever to cook.

Anywhoo, I would drive to WF to stock up on the meats for the quarter.  I usually would go an spend a ton of money and we would store it for the duration.  No more!  I can now shop for our meat for the week!  No more frozen only and boy is that exciting!  We will still buy use frozen bacon, and here's why.  It's my number one savings tip...WF gives case discounts! Yes, really, and its 10%.  We stick them in the freezer and pull them out one at a time.  Honestly that case lasts us a long time and we love it!  What brand? Wellshire Farms.  We are choosy bacon eaters and anyone who has had breakfast at our house can attest, that we have the BEST bacon.  We have done taste tests and everything.  (What a hardship!)

So, do the case discount when you can.  The other thing the sales.  Do your menu planning after you shop, but only buy the meat, veggies and other products on sale!  You will have to be aware of what is available seasonally.  In my experience, that's what drives the sales.  When the strawberries are in season and they are plentiful, that's what's on sale.  It's really not that crazy. 

On Fridays, they do a deal of the day, and it's usually amazing.  I'm talking 50% off. I have gotten organic chicken for a little over a dollar a pound.  They will often advertise this sale way in advance and also the other great deals going on, so you can plan accordingly.

The other way is coupons.  It's a little harder with organics because so many brands don't offer coupons.  Some do, and if you sign up for their mailing lists they will email them to you.  Or, go in the WF website and they let you print the coupons directly from there.  I did it today!  Try not to get sucked into the expensive impulse items that they always place tantalizingly close to your necessaries. Or, do what I do and allow yourself a little something extra.  After all, grocery shopping isn't fun.  Without the kids, and at Whole Foods-it's glorious.  Happy shopping!


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