Sugar fail!

Minnie Mouse cake, you are my nemesis.   I didn't even want you.   Your white and pink icing and marble cake sucked me into your vortex and made me forget my 30 day plan
As that blasted bite of cake slid down my throat I suddenly was struck with the horror. ..I had failed.  Immediately I tried to think of a way to get it out.  Yeah, impossible.   I dragged my guilty feet over to the hubs and admitted my accidental failure.   He said he felt bad for me and proceeded to polish off that conniving piece of cake.
I am sitting here and imagining my sugar related symptoms.  I realize that it's all in my head but I am so disappointed in myself!  
As a result, I am resolved to succeed in my challenge.   Now I am unsure whether or not to restart my clock or whether I continue on my 27 day countdown.   Ugh.  So bummed!

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