Will she ever like her big girl room?

The answer now, thankfully, is yes.  It was a long time coming though.  Before I got pregnant with number three, I decided to start that project.  

Step one was the paint.  I wanted a light absorbing color as it is very sunny in the morning, and it wanted soothing. I finally settled on a beautiful grey.  My husband HATES to paint, and would rather pay someone to do it, so I rolled up my sleeves and did it (mostly) by myself.  Score one for mommy!

Score two was that she really liked the color!  I wasn't sure she would, and I was pretty certain that pink would be the only acceptable color, but grey was deemed Rapunzel walls.  I guess like the tower?  Whatever, I was glad she liked it!

My next project was to make curtains.  I had a two fold reason for doing this crazy thing.  Number one is that I am on a budget.  We live well, but we have a weekly budget and try to stick to it.  Buying blackout curtain panels would take a long time to recover from, and number two I have been contemplating trying sewing.  I am a newer crafters and not very crafty, but I have talented friends!

I recruited a girlfriend with some experience and a fancy machine and starting Pinning!  I found tutorials, cute white fabric with grey polka dots, blackout liner and thread.  I was ready!  Not. Ready.  Not in any shape ready.  That was really hard.  It was days of ironing, pinning, and repinning.  My friend came over with her machine and we sewed until midnight.  Here I am, reading my tutorials and thinking, this doesn't seem so hard.  There is one little problem, you need patience and the drive to iron.  I don't have much of either.  Needless to say, I am buying my next curtains.  They came out ok, and I am very proud that I did them, but not my bag baby.

Next up...bedding!

This was the lovely blog that I used as curtain making inspiration...

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