Stitch fix, or not to Stitch fix?

Well, there she blows. This is my fourth, and probably final, stitch fix.  I was a huge fan in the beginning when Belle was super tiny.  Now I am able to get out of the house more and, let's face it, I have a pretty distinct sense of style.  Not only that, but we all know I love a bargain and these clothes are not.

That's not to say that they don't have decent prices and that you can't get things in every price point, because you can!  I just know what I like, it's expensive, and I will wait until I can find a great price. I'm crazy like that.

Another great thing about this is that, us mommas?  We aren't always so good at spending money on ourselves.  This sort of forced me to do it.  For 20 dollars a month, someone sent me an awesome goodie package with clothes (and instructions) inside.  Present for mama?! You gotta be kidding me!

I decided to suspend my membership for a few months.  Let's see if I continue to buy things for myself, or if I just get things for the kids.  I may end up trying it again, who knows!  I am up for the challenge.  Plus the hubs informed me that I would probably end up spending about 600 bucks a year on this.  He mentioned that budget could be used to buy other clothes and whammy!  Membership suspended.  Happy stitching!

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