Its finally Nursery decorating time!

I am beyond excited.  It's still a work in progress but man, I am ready to get it done.  Lily has been in our room exclusively, and the two big kiddos have been sharing the nursery.  Now she is out and let the decorating begin!

When I first began thinking about the nursery for R3 and Claire, it was challenging.  I needed a color scheme that would work for two genders and two different ages.  I went with the same Rickshaw Designs bedding that I had used for Claire (which I love) and the Skip Hop Mod Dot bedding for the baby man.


It looks a little strange together in these pictures but it actually worked. Both of the cribs were white and I tied them together with the same green found in both by adding a rug, storage bins, and a changing pad cover.

After we finally got Claire moved up to the big girl room (that only took a year) it was time to figure out a new color scheme.

R3 still has the Mod Dot crib skirt but we have him in cute ABC sheets and a quilt from Pottery Barn Kids.  

This is going to be a bit more challenging. I decided that the coordinating color would be grey, so out went all of the green.  The carpet and bins are going upstairs to help with the never ending toy organization project and I  am still searching for the perfect bins for the bookcase.  It may seem silly but the storage space is very important in a shared nursery.

I originally decided that I wanted to use restoration hardware, but I really just can't stomach the shipping prices.  It was almost a half of the total cost and they rarely have a sale good enough to warrant the splurge.  After months and months of endless nesting and searching I decided on...Pottery Barn.  Whomp, whomp.  It is super cute though.

She has a ruffled crib skirt, which I had to stitch to the proper height.  By the way, WHY do they only have the long length?  Cribs spend most of their lives on the lowest possible setting to keep kidlets from climbing out and they look terrible when they are flopping all ove the floor!  (Rant over but how hard would it be to put some snaps or something on there?)

No bumpers this time for little Belle, they are just a waste in my house.  At this point we have bedding and that's about it.  I have an idea for some pictures and things but those will take time.  Wish me luck!

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