The jiggle juggle

My constant quest to be fit is always fighting against my constant need for wine and dessert.  The struggle is real.  I have found a good work out in the past (stroller strides) but now that I have three kidlets, the juggle juggle is tough!

Where does a mommy go?  What does a mommy do?  If I pop in a video, my two year old is pretty sure I am on the floor for his pleasure. (So ended the 30 day ab challenge on day 1). I don't want to take away from family time in the evening, and the hubs leaves for work super early.  Like too early for me to get to a workout.  

Get up earlier you say?  Jerks.  My six month old is teething and growth spurting like a beast and I haven't had more than a six hour stretch in a year.  There are days that I am so tired I feel like I am not safe to drive.  That isn't an option for anyone.

What about naps, you say?  See above.  Mama needs to sleep for a minute sometime.  That sometimes is a joke too.  My four year old thinks that bed time is her private challenge.  It's a battle of wills and brains against mommy and daddy.  This post isn't about sleep but I always seem to get back to that somehow! 😜

The fancy gym.  I am trying that...seriously I am.  I love aspects of it, but I find that I am running from preschool, to the gym, to pick the kids up from the gym nursery in time, to feed them, to preschool pick up.  Whew!  It is busy.  Let's not mention that it is almost 200 bucks a month.  It isn't exactly I. The budget, if you know what I mean.

The not so fancy option.  My bad.  I went to the fancy one first.  After which the classes were meh, the facilities were not great and I wanted to run away from the childcare.  I did run.  I. Have. Not. Been.  Back.

Walking with the kids.  Oh yeah, that is such a great workout.  Not.  I have the fancy double Bob, but this mama doesn't have the knees for running, nor the desire to tool around the hood alone.  There is no one to keep my spirits up as I throw raisins in the general vicinity of my kids, while they howl at their maltreatment.  Such fun should be illegal.

So let's get back to stroller strides.  I love the camaraderie.  I love that the kids get to play together, it is frankly awesome.  The workout kicks my ass...I have never been so fit!  The problem is scheduling.  They changed it and now I can only go one day a week.  I really wanted to cry.  The two year old starts preschool readiness camp in two weeks, so I am back in.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that the jiggle juggle stops!

Cheers and cupcakes. 🍷

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