Daddy goes out of town and the wheels fall off.

It's so strange that that happens, I mean I function all the time with him at work, long hours, school but as soon as he gets on a plane-whammy!  The renters give notice, I start my period and we lose power five times.  Seriously, five.

The day wasn't a total loss.  We finally got some pictures back from the family photos and they are adorable.  I started sweating before we started but they look great!  I can hardly wait to obsess about placement and framing and such.  Here is a sneak peek at some delicious little toes.
I guess that bribing the children with jelly beans was not a fruitless venture after all!  I haven't yet seen them but we have waited beyond my patience and I can't wait to share more!  

Picture day is a day I both look forward to and I loathe.  I love the outcome but I feel like we always cave to the worst sorts of behavior and stoop to bribery with sugary snacks in order to get one picture.  Just one where everyone even kind of looks at the camera.  I doubt we got that this year.  The baby was the wild card.  R3 finally figured out that if he looked at the photographer and said CHEESE!  He would get candy.  That lasted until the sugar high was out of control.  Little Belle just felt like she could be her charming self and she could get by...she was pretty much right.  She grinned her toothless grin and waved her dimpled fists and I melted.  When I got the proofs and she wasn't looking at the camera...not so much.  It's a good thing she is cute.  

Wish me luck and send virtual wine until the hubs returns!

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