It's been a year.

A whole year, and a lot has changed.  First, we had a baby.  Number three.  I can't imagine not having her, she is seriously the sweetest, happiest little bug I have ever met.  Upon having said bug I became overwhelmed by the stuff.  The stuff in the house, the baby stuff, the gear I have and still need.  The products that are out there right now are insane. 

Can I just give a shout out to Bamboobies?  I never had a washable nursing pad that worked.  Never.  This thing is lightweight, doesn't feel like a diaper and it absorbs everything!  This may sound silly but it was a game changer.  I was so sick of wearing a chemically diaper on my boobs.  That can't be good for anyone, right?

Another thing that has blown my mind...swaddles.  Woombie and zipadeezip.  Yes, they are technically two things but they are swaddles.  The woombie for right away and then the zipadeezip for the transition.  I had no nights, yes NO nights of that swaddle transition nonsense.  Not one!  I love them so much that they are my go to shower gift for favored (and clueless) new moms.

Why?  Why didn't anyone tell me about muslin blankets?  Those things are amazing and I am pissed that I didn't know about them with the others. They absorb spit up, and practically do everything but sing and dance.

A company that is blowing my mommy mind is 4 moms.  I am currently using the momaroo but am psyched to try some other stuff!  Gear nut you say?  Yep.  Proud of it.  I am an avid follower of the baby guy and baby gizmo.  I get super psyched about the ABC gear expo and other events.  I want to go to there.

Till my next gear rant, enjoy Bug in her momaroo.

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