There are two. They are incredible. Should I end this there? Probably. They are both incredible and maddening. I am a stay at home mom with an incredible and supportive husband (see precious post). However, these kids run me ragged! They are so sweet and so cute then BAM, exorcist baby.

My, newly, three year old talks a lot. A lot lot. She has, oh, all the words. It is so neat how she all of a sudden can communicate like a big person! We have taken to spelling in front of her because I am waiting for that mortifying moment when she repeats something I have said. In public. She has also become aware of the iPad. We tried to keep it under wraps and use it for the plane, etc., but she now knows and wants it! I secretly love that. Now to keep her on the educational apps and not the doodle ones.

The toddler, is one. He is one going on a sixteen year old girl. Everything is frustrating to him right now and cause for a full on, throw himself down on the ground, tantrum. That sweet, chubby, cuddly baby? That was so last week. Sadly last week. He wants to do what he wants to do, NOW! Well and that he can't tell us what it is gets him worked up too. Oh! And what he wants to do? Basically anything dangerous. Climb the stairs (standing, not crawling of course), stand on the couch, the kid chairs, under the bar stools, push furniture around. You name it...done.

And the newest one. The one that isn't mentioned yet. Not really. It is four weeks young and already giving me some morning sickness! What is that about?! Exciting news at our house.