The hubs

I know it's cliche to say that your hubby is perfect, but mine is pretty much a rock star.  We met ten years ago at a St. Paddys Day parade, met again almost exactly a year later, and married the March after that!  March has been a good month for us.  Why does he win an award?  Let me count the ways.

He looks super hot in a uniform.  I knew you would say this was a dumb one, but we are starting at the beginning.  When we met, he was a RIO in the Navy and flying the F-14 tomcat.  The flight suit, the dress whites...omg.  Hot.  I can't even really say that out loud because he would tease me mercilessly.

He is super smart.  Like real rocket scientist, MIT smart.  I am a dumb bitch next to him, and I am definitely not.  The best part about his smarts is that you would never know how smart he is.,  sounds odd I know.  Let me break it ever meet a super smart person and they spend all of their time using big words and trying to impress upon everyone how much they know? Or have you met the completely socially awkward dorky types that can't make eye contact?  Ugh to both!  If you met my hubs he would talk to you like a person.  He's never snide, or mean, and can have a conversation with just about anyone.  It really is remarkable.  People just LIKE him!

What's not to like?  But seriously, he is one of those rare people who is able to get people to want to do things for him.  Underlings to work harder, the kidlets to not disappoint, it is amazing.  I know I am biased but that is the sign of a natural leader.  Someone who inspires you to be better, to try harder, just by being around them.

He also makes a mean egg.  I mean bad ass.  He can really cook.  Jealous yet?  You should be.  Every morning he gets up (at 5) and makes everyone breakfast.  It is just sitting there waiting for us when we get downstairs in the morning.  My kids have no idea that most people have to wait to eat breakfast.  Also, in a semi nerdy experiment he decided to grind wheat berries into flour.  I rolled my eyes and pretended to think it was a fine idea, but the outcome is the most flavorful homemade bread.  Every week.  Another experiment has led to making kids love it!  Shall I go on?  He, obviously, is the cook in the house.  I get meals on the table during the work week, but he is the roaster, the fryer of chickens, the baker of birthday cakes and cookies.  The best part is that he loves it.

Shall I continue?  He works hard.  He gets up at five to be at work at six thirty so he can work a full day and still spend a good chunk of quality time with the kidlets.  Awesome.  He is also full time in a phd program, which means three nights a week he doesn't make it home until six.  An eleven hour day and that doesn't include class work.  He does all of this with a minimum of complaining.  If it were me you would be hearing about it A LOT.  A LOT LOT.

It pretty great to actually like my hubs.  I mean he isn't perfect.  Someone as smart as he is can hardly see those socks on the floor because the size of his brain will not allow that type of eye function.  On the other hand, I feel incredibly lucky to respect and love my sweetheart, and our family.  It is a bonus that he has an amazing bootie that I can cuddle up to at the end of a long day.  

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