The answer is...I have no idea.  My hubs has been bugging me for awhile to start a blog, but I never seem to want to try.  That leads me to today.  Today I am watching my three year old not nap in her big girl bed, and decided to be productive.  Is this productive?

You may want to know a bit about me.  I am a stay at home mom of two.  I have a three year old girl and a one year old son.  They are healthy, smart, amazing and exhausting.  Before I was a mom?  I was a stay at home military wife.  That job really sucked!  ;). Actually it is incredibly hard to be a military spouse, but that is a whole 'nother story, as I like to say.

Before that?  I was an Early Childhood Special Education teacher working with preschoolers with disabilities.  Not really a teacher, as traditionally you can't teach babies academics.  We worked on independence skills, social skills, positioning and communication mostly.  Pretty cool and rewarding stuff!

I now spend my days trying to wrangle my precious beasts, keep the house in some sort of order, and put dinner on the table.  Sounds simplified, I know.  The routine can get boring but holy cannolis, if I deviate the kids go insane.  It turns into a mess.  We eat organically, make our own bread and yogurt and generally try super crunchy living.

I do not seems super crunchy at all.  Most people who know me would be shocked.  Shocked!  I haven't even used anti perspirant in years.  Really. Want to run?

Tonight is my "off" night.  I have a sitter that comes for three hours on Thursday evenings (while my hubs is busily getting his phd, did I not mention that...oops).  It is the one meal a week that I do not have to cook or clean up after the kiddos.  It is amazing.  I can go to the dentist, get my hairs did, or whatever the heck I need to do (actually I usually run errands, blissfully alone).

Sitter you ask?  That's because we have no family here at all.  None near at all.  When we got out of the military, we went for the job/school thing for the hubs.  That means we are an island out here. It can be tough, but we have made it work so far!

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