Reverse Osmosis Water filtration...with a Coupon Code

As someone who loves filtered water from the fridge, I was disappointed with the tap water when we moved to California.  It is very hard, and I do not like the taste.  My initial fix for this was to buy a five gallon water bottle.  The bottle wasn't a great long term solution because we just don't have a perfect place to store it. If you are looking for a great countertop, or under-sink unit...keep reading!  (There is a coupon code in this post!)

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In MD we had a great under-sink filter (to get all of the PFAS and chemicals out, more on that in a minute) but we didn't have one here that made the water taste good.  I turned to my friend Leah from Mamavation, and she had a recommendation for Aquatru.  That is where I started my research.

Why use a reverse osmosis filtration system like Aquatru?

Ok so back to the PFAS and groundwater contamination...a few years ago, the Department of Defense (DOD) released a groundwater contamination report.  You should read it, but basically, if you live near ANY airport, it is likely that your water is contaminated.  Thus, my turning to Aquatru and their reverse osmosis water filter. (should there be a link here?)

Aquatru very kindly sent me a unit to try for you guys until my under-sink unit was available.  This is the one that we have; it is the classic.  I wasn't sure I would like it because it sits on the countertop, but I LOVE IT!  We have had it for six months, and I have never gone back to my fancy 5 gallon water bottle.  The water tastes amazing.  All five of us use it every day (multiple times a day). If you have read my kiddo crazy constipation story, you know why.

Caring for your countertop reverse osmosis system:

It is very simple actually.  Once a week, you have to wash the water components.  They give very clear instructions on how to do that.  I also use my Force of Nature cleaner (read more about that magic here) on the top, and any parts that get dusty/dirty.

Replacing the filters on your Aquatru:

We have had our unit for many months, and use it heavily.  That said, we have only had to replace one filter the entire time!  It was simple, we ordered the parts online and popped them in.  I have a video that explains it!

We are waiting for our new under-sink unit (that should arrive any day), and I really can't wait.  We have a faucet for our sink that is ready to go with the attachment for an under-sink unit.  I think that I am going to put the counter unit upstairs in our bathroom!  

Now for your coupon:  click this link for an automatic $150 discount applied to your unit.  

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this.  We love how the water tastes, I love not buying five gallon bottles, and also the reduction of contaminates in the water.

Here are the current savings for June!


Deal 1- Buy AquaTru Classic - Get a Stainless Water Bottle for Free
MSRP: $478.95
Affiliate Price: $299 (Save $179.95)
Upgrade to Alkaline Carbon VOC Filter: +$20

Deal 2- Buy AquaTru Connect - Get a Stainless Water Bottle for Free
MSRP: $528.95
Affiliate Price: $349 (Save $179.95)
Upgrade to Alkaline Carbon VOC Filter: +$20

Reverse osmosis under sink unit

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