Ron's Gone Wrong, a Must See for Tweens

Disney studios invited me to a screening of the animated film Ron's Gone Wrong. I hadn't heard any buzz about the movie (am I SO out of it?), but I saw Zach Galifianakis  on the headline, so I knew it had to be funny.  20th Century graciously added two invitations so I could bring my two older kiddos to help write a review, and I am SO glad that I did.  What I thought would be a funny, light Disney movie ended up serving enough depth to lead into an important conversation with my tweens  about devices and social media.  

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The Trailer for Ron's Gone Wrong!

Before the world shut down, I reviewed allll the Disney movies.  It has been so long, and it is great to be back in the theater sharing the magic again.  

Ron's Gone Wrong is fun for the whole family!

In Ron's Gone Wrong we meet only child Barney Pudowski, a shy middle schooler with a really weird family.  Really weird.  They have an epic goat in the front yard, grandma is always on the roof messing with the electricity, and sends chicken feet to school in Barney's lunchbox.  There really is no way Barney will blend in with the kids his age, and he desperately just wants to fit in with the crowd.

Barney has only one wish for his birthday, a B*Bot.  A B*Bot is a cool new robot friend, that has the ability to wirelessly engage with social media and make friends.  At school, all of the other kids have one...and he doesn't.  When Barney gets his B*Bot, he's excited that he will finally fit in, and that his B*Bot will help him make friends.

At school, Ron doesn't look like all the other B*Bots

I don't want to give away all of the secrets, but Barney gets a B*Bot, named Ron, and, well, something just isn't right about Ron (dare I say... something has GONE WRONG?!?!).  Straight out of the package, nothing goes right.  He can't connect to the WIFI, and download information, but somehow he and Barney go on a whirlwind journey to form a lasting bond...and boy was that a crazy ride.  

Was the plot predictable? 

Not really.  While it was standard fare social commentary, it was different in that it was really talking directly to kids.  I was a little bit surprised at the ending, and it was definitely heartwarming.

Was it entertaining enough for grown-ups?

Um yes.  Admittedly, I really love all of the Disney movies.  Except Nightmare before Christmas (which I know is an unpopular opinion LOL.)  It may not have the comedic genius of the original Lego Movie, but it was laugh out loud funny-even for adults.

Why I'm glad my tween went to see Ron's Gone Wrong:

My daughter often laments that she is the ONLY child in the world without a cell phone.  LOL, she isn't.  Her dad and I are very concerned about kids on social media. (He says its like giving a Ferrari on the Autobahn to a twelve-year-old. I say it's worse than that!) Look, I work in social media and my kids will not have it.  Period.  We have already had conversations about why kids have no business in that adult space.  She was able to see behind the lens of what it means to be connected online, how fake it can be, and how ultimately hurtful it can be too.  The movie sparked a serious conversation on our way home!

Is it appropriate for younger kids

Absolutely.  There are no bad words, plenty of laughs, and other conversations that younger kiddos will understand.  One of the reasons that I love taking them to screenings is I like to see what they think is funny!  Kids see things so differently than adults.

Are you planning on seeing Ron's Gone Wrong?  I think if you are looking for a weekend activity, it will be perfect!

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