What is a photography mini session, and why I love them!

What is a mini session anyway?  I do love them so much, they are a very cost effective way to get those family pictures, and get them done quickly.  Read more to discover how to find a mini session near you, and more about what it is like!

All of these amazing pics were done in a mini session!

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What is a photography mini session?

Mini sessions are when a photographer spends a whole day with different families taking pictures.  They will usually schedule in 30 minute blocks, and have them one right after the other.

What are the advantages of a mini session?

Photo Credit Sofia Walters Photography

The most important one for me is the price.  

It really isn't in the budget to spend thousands of dollars, or even several hundred, for family pictures.  That said, I LOVE them, and I want to get them done at least yearly. 

Another is the convenience.  

Kids aren't patient, and I'm not patient.  Thirty minutes should be plenty of time to get it all done, throw some candy at them as bribery, and move on.

But the outfits.  What do we wear?

Do not, I repeat do NOT recreate the wheel. I love to shop what is in my closets, and perusing Pinterest is the source of great inspiration.  Every year I am challenged to not buy a bunch of new clothes just for the session, and so far it has worked!  Sometimes getting the colors coordinated can be tricky, but I make it work.

Sofia got these in 30 minutes.  With a plan, it's perfect.

How do I find a reputable photographer?  

Shop my session looks below.

Honestly that can be tricky.  Even locally (on my parent's page) a couple of folks got burned by a photographer not showing up.  Here is my best advice...ask!  Ask on your local mom's group, look at yelp.  Look at the company website, you know your fellow mamas will not steer you wrong. 

Recently I was contacted by a photographer in our area who invited me to try it.  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate, and give you the inside scoop.  If you live locally, I highly recommend her!  She has an upcoming mini session, and I will leave that information here for you (along with her contact info). You can find Sofia on Facebook, and Instagram.

To find some tips to take your own awesome pictures of your kids, click on this link!

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