Redecorating on a Budget

I haven't redecorated in a really long time.  Starting last fall, I finally bought a new rug for the living area.  Now, sitting in the house all the time, I really want to make some changes.  It is a good time, since most of the furniture places are having good sales!  Honestly, I don't want to spend a fortune, so I found some things in a lot of price points to redecorate on a budget.  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing with my updated privacy policy, and my use of commissioned links.

*this post has been updated to show what actually happened with our new furniture!*

Picture of a gorgeous kitchen
Can we all just admire this kitchen that I'm swooning over?  What is your favorite part?

The first thing I did was enlist the free help of a designer at West Elm.

I found that they had the aesthetic that I was looking for, and he was willing to help me look at all of the other options that I wanted to add also (like the tile), that West Elm doesn't sell.  It was very easy, and he sent me a room plan after our Zoom meeting!  He was also able to connect me with a local tile store that has what I am looking for...

First on our list...the couch:

Our couch is ten years old.  Yikes.  It has definitely been through the ringer with three kids, and pets.  The cat, when he was a tiny kitten, sharpened his claws on it.  I am so done.  I have re-stuffed cushions, sewn pulled spots, and just generally limped this thing along.  It seemed crazy to replace it when the kids were so hard on it all the time.  It is past due, and needs to go.

My requirements for furniture are: they have to look cute (obviously), have no flame retardants, and be on budget.

Here are my budget friendly (and eco friendly couch picks).  I would love to hear your opinions.  Especially if you own one.

This is the couch we ended up more on that awful experience below.

Next up: the counter chairs.

The same age applies with my counter chairs.  They are great, but starting to show signs of wear.  While I would love to do something minimal, and backless, that just isn't practical for little kids. They need to be sturdy, and safe, for the ridiculous amount of daily gymnastics the kids do on them.

Here are my budget friendly counter chairs (and a crazy expensive one I love).

You can see what my kitchen looks like in this older video about my favorite popcorn popper!

And finally the backsplash. 

 It was just one of the things I was putting off until the hubs finished his PHD.  I didn't love anything (and really didn't look). Now I really hate my black, show-everything, counter tops.  Changing the counter tops isn't practical or in the budget.  Changing the tile, is.  We happen to have a tile saw, but our local library will LEND tools for free if you want to DIY.

Full disclaimer, we installed 900 square feet of tile ourselves in the last house.  It wasn't fun, and we haven't done it since.  A backsplash should take almost no time-right?

I want something minimal, bright, and a little bit funky?  Not sure.  Here are some things I am thinking, and I would love your opinion.

My budget friendly backsplash choices...

Here is the backsplash we settled on with grey grout.  This is the same thing my West Elm consultation sent.

Ok so we ordered our couch.  After a long time (and many discussions with my not onboard hubby), we bought the IKEA sofa.  Let me tell you why.
  1. The price.  We have three kids, a dog and a cat.  There is no way they would keep it clean.
  2. The one I wanted from West Elm did not have good reviews about the fabric. (Pilling)
  3. I can replace all of the fabric for $200.
  4. If I want a nicer fabric, lots of fancy places sell cool fabric for it (you can even buy just the frame and the fancy fabric from somewhere else).  I realllllly am thinking about velvet for the future.
  5. I read reviews, and it got raving reviews.  Win.

Here are the MAJOR cons.

  1. IKEA online is a hot freaking mess right now.  After waiting for six weeks, our sofa arrived on a Sunday.  We took our old sofa out (breaking it in the process).  Guess what?  The sofa was not on the truck.  
  2. After spending 8 hours trying to get someone on the phone (and using my ninja skills to call the delivery service too because IKEA isn't accepting any emails right now), they told me that it would be another 6 weeks. We had nothing to sit on.
  3. I went to IKEA.  It was overrun with people and I did not feel comfortable.

I am very happy with my sofa.  If you feel brave enough to go to IKEA, I highly recommend it.  I can NOT recommend buying online from IKEA right now.

Our New couch
We love the new sofa, and you can see the backsplash in the background!

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