PRP Vampire Facial, Before and After...with a Video of what it was like!

Ladies! Do you want improve those fine lines, and wrinkles, but aren't sure about injectables?  Or maybe you are like me, you tried Botox, but it just isn't something you want to keep doing. Whatever your reason, I have something amazing for you.  You MUST check into a PRP Vampire Facial.  This post was sponsored by Nuvo Aesthetics and Wellness Med Spa, but all opinions are my own.  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy, found here, and my use of commission based links.

Me scared getting the PRP facial
Me being my normal wimpy self just before my PRP Vampire Facial

What is a PRP or Vampire Facial?

Don't worry, you won't become the undead.  No fears of dracula to be found here, and I can assure you that I am still human.  So don't let that stop you!

PRP is a facial that uses your own platelets and micro-needling to combat the signs of aging.  According to Nuvo's Dr. Patel, they also use it to combat hair thinning!  As many of you know, I have tried Botox.  I tried it not only for the cosmetic effects but also for migraines.  While it seemed to work for migraines, I am not a good candidate for it as a cosmetic procedure.  I metabolize it too quickly, but, ok, that's slightly annoying but FINE.

Every month I go to Nuvo for a facial.  I am one of their VIP members, and I pay a (really affordable) monthly fee for my choice of one monthly treatment. They have a huge variety - even laser hair removal!  I always choose a facial with Dawn, and during one of my sessions, she told me about the PRP facial treatment she had just tried.  She loved the results! I was intrigued.

Fast forward a couple of months, and Nuvo contacted me to see if I was interested in collaborating.  With Dawn's recommendation in my mind, I jumped at the chance.  Because I am a huge wimp about needles, I didn't do any research before my appointment.  Not today, Dr. Google. So I walked in without any idea of what to expect.

Read more about my wimpy reaction to laser hair removal here.

Dr. Patel was warm, welcoming, and put me at ease immediately. The PRP didn't hurt!  Wimps unite, and rejoice!  First he applied a numbing gel on my face, and we let it do its magic.  Then he drew my blood, and spun it, he used the micro-needling wand all over my face.  The wand was a bit like a dentist toothbrush - is that too weird to say?  The thing vibrated, and was about the same size.

Don't let me just tell you, I actually took a video!

Check out PRP Before, and After!

In the video, you will notice immediately following my PRP Vampire facial, my face was a little bit red.  

Immediately following the PRP facial, face is a bit red
Immediately following PRP Vampire facial

The redness had pretty much faded by the time I went to bed that night except for a few spots.  The next morning, there were very few areas that were red.  They warned me that I may have bruising, but I didn't really get anything like that either. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good!

In the next few days, after the PRP Vampire Facial, the redness completely dissipated.  

24 hours after the procedure, almost no redness
24 hours post PRP

Dr. Patel told me that I could wear makeup the next day, but my skin was feeling a bit fragile.  By 36 hours, I was wearing makeup, and felt like my face looked great.  Within the next day or so, my skin began to really peel.  I thankfully already use facial oils as part of my regimen, so I simple applied this Goddess Garden oil to my face throughout the day.  Dr Patel told me that any facial oil was fine, but I also needed to use a barrier sunscreen.  After about three days, the peeling began to subside, and I was able to resume my skincare and makeup regimen.

You can find out more about the cleaner beauty products I have in my makeup bag by reading this post.

One week post PRP, and my face looks great!
One week post PRP facial, with no filter, and no makeup (except mascara).

At one week post PRP, my face looked fantastic.  

I had no new acne, and my skin was so smooth.  Acne treatment wasn't one of the benefits that the literature mentioned about a PRP facial, but it actually kept mine at bay for much longer than a regular facial.


I'm considering actually doing another one (or two) like Dr. Patel suggested.  They are apparently best done in a series of three.  If you are a crunchier mama like me, and you don't love the idea of Botox, this is a more natural way to get the fine line reduction.  They are only using your own plasma! The hubs said, "Made with real bits of Christy, so you know it's good!"

If you live in the Howard County Maryland area, and you mention this post when booking your appointment at Nuvo, they will give you $50 off the price!  Let me know how it goes!

PRP Vampire Facial
Pinnable Image

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