I used Medical Marijuana after surgery... my surprising thoughts

Maryland legalized the use of medical marijuana last year, just in time for my first surgery.  As I have had a terrible reaction to narcotics in the past, I thought it would be perfect for pain management post procedure.  Sadly, I was wrong.  This post contains commissioned links, and by reading beyond this point, you agree to my updated privacy information found here.

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To give you a little background, I am a marijuana newbie.  I had never smoked it recreationally before (go ahead and roll your eyes, I admit I am a square), so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I have read a lot about its benefits, and made sure my 93 year old grandma in California is well stocked.  The benefits of using marijuana versus narcotic pain management are extraordinary, and when you are 93 with arthritis?  Just do all the things to feel well.  I also saw that when my mom was dying of cancer.  The doctor prescribed meds made her sleepy, and feel awful.  When she smoked, she was able to get out of bed, work in the garden, go to a movie, or anything else that made her feel happy.  It was truly life changing, though illegal at the time.

The process of getting medical marijuana

It differs by each state that marijuana is legal.  In California, for example, you just have to be of age.  Then, you head to a dispensary, and buy it.  In Maryland, it is quite a process.  First, you have to go to the state website, and fill out the form.  Its lengthy, and I waited for a couple of weeks to hear if my application was accepted.  It was, and then I had to find a participating doctor.  There is a list online, so I just found one that was near me.  This is where it got uncomfortable for me.  When I called to make an appointment, I was told that I needed to bring the fee in cash. What the? And it was like $250.  I was seriously rethinking my decision at that point, but decided to go through with it.  I arrived at the doctor, had a routine exam, and then was given my approval paperwork.  It was a normal doctor's office BTW.  I was just the weirdo getting pot that day-HA!

The dispensary

Also need to facepalm at this situation.  I had done some research in our area, and there is a dispensary that is owned by a doctor, and is reputed to be more "medical".  I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but I dragged the preschooler over one morning.  We were buzzed into a very normal, clean waiting room, that smelled super gross.  You people know that smell.  Not the burned pot smell, but the herb(y) smell.  I gave my paperwork and ID to the very nice receptionist behind bulletproof glass (again rethinking life choices), and she told me that I couldn't have my child in the dispensary.  Oops, my bad.  I really had no clue.  She very nicely offered to come into the waiting room to play with Belle for a few minutes while I went back.  

Choosing which to buy

As I am clearly on a roll with making good decisions, and feeling comfortable, I relied on the experts.  It was very nicely medicinal in the back, with a long white counter, and staff members sitting behind it.  I explained what I needed it for, that I knew less than nothing, and they helped me.  Actually, they conferred, and decided to give me two different strengths, and a vape pen. Because I am also not a smoker, they deemed this to be the less bothersome of the ways to take the meds.  There are other ways, but for specific pain management, I needed it to work quickly.  Not only quickly, but not smelly.  Pro tip-bring cash.  My friend had warned me, but they also had an ATM for convenience.  SO WEIRD.

The effects

Ummmm, ok so it didn't really work for me.  I think with very specific, acute pain, it just isn't as effective as narcotics.  It did put me to sleep, when I was in terrible pain, and just needed to relax.  That was great.  Overall, I would do it again, just for that reason.  I haven't used it for about 6 months, but if I get another awful migraine, I will use it again.  My grandmother has had success with her old age pain, and SO many cancer patients, epileptics, and people with various other ailments have had great success.  As a matter of fact, I think I need to try it for headaches again.  I will do some more unofficial research and report back!  And full disclosure:  I am not a medical doctor.  This is my personal experience, and you should discuss any medication with your physician.

Would you try it?  Or have you?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the great post Christy. Ive tried both cbd and mm and unfortunately they arent for me. I react negatively to both, though i really wish i didnt and they gave me the results so many talk about. Ive tried many times and many forms, and its just a no for me. I hope others try and find great success. Thanks again for discussing this topic!

    1. Thanks for commenting!! Sadly, I don’t think it’s for me either. The narcotics don’t work for me either, so it was worth a shot!

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