The 8 Best Foods at Universal Studios Hollywood

We were so excited to take our first trip to Universal Studios yesterday! I took one for the team, tried about a million new foods,and have the tummy ache to prove it. I found the top treats that you must eat in Universal Studios Hollywood, in fact I could barely narrow it to 8!

This post has been revised for 2022/23. Now that we live nearby in southern california, I can check back frequently! My hubby and I had an intense debate about theme park food. He thinks that Universal has the best theme park food he has ever tried...I disagreed.  We have tried so many, but more on that later! Here is a link to my updated privacy policy. By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my use of commissioned based links and the privacy disclosure.

universal studios with the family, must try treats!
Her first Big Girl Ride!  Look at how little she was!

Six things you must eat:

1. Butterbeer

universal studios hollywood, butterbeer ice cream

I know, I know.  That is so lame, because everyone has heard that.  What I can safely say (having tried all of the varieties) is that the hot butterbeer version is awesome, especially on a chilly morning, the ice cream is solid, and the butterbeer pot of creme? AMAZING. I really love a good pot du creme, and this one was exceptional. Have you been wanting to try the butterbeer that is chilled? The best way to describe it is to think lightly butterscotch flavored cream soda float. Very delicious, but also very sweet, so bring your sweet tooth! My absolute new favorite is the frozen version with creme (almost like a foamy caramel) on top. It was next level.

2. Chocolate Frog

chocolate frog at universal studios hollywood

They are huge, so you only need one for the whole family.  Or not, no judgement.  HA!  They are the best seller at Honeydukes, but you can find every other kind of Harry Potter treat imaginable. If you are a Harry Potter fan at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you will love to reminisce about Harry, Hermione, and Ron eating those tasty treats. Honeydukes itself is a treat wonderland packed with so many of the items we all read about in the Harry Potter series of books. I also recommend getting Bertie Bots every flavor beans. Be warned though...they can be every flavor!

3. Frozen Chocolate Dipped banana

Around the corner from Minons, we found a frozen chocolate dipped banana stand.  Guess who likes those?  Minions and kiddos...You can pick them up at despicable delights.  It is so close to super silly fun land, and an ideal place to grab a refreshing treat near the splash zone.

4.Freeze Ray smoothie

freeze ray smoothie at universal studios hollywood

It's mango, it's banana, it has fun sprinkles, and a curly straw (with a minion top).  It pretty much hit every highlight for my kiddos.  It was very sweet, and not really adult friendly.  Unless perhaps they added alcohol. HA! The food at Minion Cafe looked pretty tasty too. It is simple to walk in, grab a tray, and fill it with tasty options like the chicken tenders or the nutella banana pudding.

5.Tacos from the Bumblebee Man's Taco truck

You guys they were legit.  We had the Carne Asada, and a Carnitas, and were very pleased.  I would call myself a taco snob.  Our family has searched high and low for the best tacos, and found some at a theme park.  I am willing to try basically any taco out there, and was shocked that Universal had a really solid option.  It is across the street from Moe's and Krusty Burger.  Both of those places were packed, and the taco truck had a much shorter line.

6. Frozen Pina Colada at the Isla Nu-Bar

Frozen pina colada at universal studios
Mine has a rum floater, but it can be non-alcoholic too!

This treat can be non alcoholic too, but all of the other frozen drinks come pre-mixed with rum. It is located on the lower lot, near Jurassic World (and the Jurassic cafe). It is so refreshing after a full day at the park. It's also next to the Mummy ride, which combined with the Jurassic ride, were surprisingly thrilling rides! I had to have my friend hold my hand on the Mummy ride- I was so pleasantly surprised!

7. Three Broomsticks Shepard's Pie.

shepards pie at universal studios

The Three Broomsticks is located in the Hogsmeade section of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (upper lot). Topped with creamy mashed potatoes, this was a really rich shepards pie. It had loads of gravy, vegetables, and ground beef. The pie also came with a side salad. There was more than enough to share, for the whole family. It was really, really good. We also enjoyed the break from the heat, and the atmosphere. Even the bathrooms are fun, and themed. Moaning Myrtle takes the center stage, and my 9 year old really loved recreating the book! 3 broomsticks is by far my favorite place to get a quick bite or a hearty meal, I am a big fan. The decor is amazing, and there is plenty of seating inside and out. They also have something called a great feast, which is a great way to feed a whole family. I also highly recommend trying the pear cider. It is non alcoholic, and delicious. The pumpkin juice wasn't one of my favorite menu items, it is pumpkin in apple juice, and that is just how it tasted.

8.  Lard Lads Doughnuts

food at universal studios hollywood, best food at universal, lard lad doughnuts, ice cream, frozen butterbeer, butterbeer ice cream, diagon alley, world of harry potter, wizarding world of harry, world of harry potter,

The size alone is deliciously hilarious.  They are very fun to share with the whole family, and get messy.  You may want to bring wet wipes.  They come in those convenient boxes, so in case you can't eat it all at once, you can take it for a snack later!  The lard lad donut also comes in a chocolate flavored treat! There are two places to grab them, both in Springfield (near where they set up the Halloween horror nights food area).

All of the dining options in the park are quick service restaurants, where you will get a tray to take to a table, or fast food. There are no sit-down restaurant /table service options within the park. You can always grab a sandwich or turkey legs at the grab and go places like the french street bistro, or studio cafe. They do have a few options that are very close in Universal City Walk. They are getting ready to open a new restaurant there called Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. I am really looking forward to trying it because it is super popular at Universal Orlando.Now back to the debate between the hubs and myself.  I still think that Disneyland has better food than Universal.  Care to weigh in?  Leave me a message in the comment section below!  I have a new post all about my favorite treats at Disneyland that you need to try immediately!

Out of the park options that are worth trying:

  1. 1. Voodoo Doughnuts.

big voodoo donut
This is the giant doughnut I brought home!

  1. This Portland Oregon doughnut staple is so fun. They have super creative flavors, and tons of vegan options. (I am dairy free, so it is always awesome to find treats that I can enjoy too. Try the ODB, which is covered in cookies and peanut butter. Yum! This time I actually brought a huge one home for the kiddos.

  1. 2.  Pinks Hotdog

They are famous in LA, since 1939. If you are a hot dog lover, and this is your first visit to LA, you have to try one. Go funky like this pastrami reuben dog.

universal studios hollywood, 8 treats you must try

As we only had one day, I obviously missed things.  What are you favorites?

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