Life of the Party, the Perfect Girls Night Movie!

I was lucky enough, when I went to Mom 2.0, to go to a fancy party sponsored by the Life of the Party movie.  We were all hoping that Melissa McCarthy would make a cameo appearance, but alas it didn't happen.  Probably for the best, as Tori Spelling got a little too much attention...but darn.  This movie may be the best girls night movie of the year.  *this post may contain affiliate links, and here is a link to my privacy policy.*

LIfe of the party photo from the Stitch Fix sponsored party

Hijinks from the life of the party party.

Upon arriving home from LA, I was invited to a screening of Life of the Party and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  If you are looking for an Oscar contender, this movie isn't for you.  BUT, if you are looking for laugh out loud physical hijinks, and an all-star comedy cast, you are in luck.

Melissa Mccarthy shines as a proud-mom-sweatshirt wearing, helmet-hair sporting, middle-aged mom of one.  The movie starts out with a divorce bomb, by her love-to-hate husband (Matt Walsh).  Long story short, she goes back to college, and triumphs.  I mean, what else could she do?

As Deanna, Melissa Mccarthy, is the character you love to love.  She is kind, chipper, with the type of upbeat attitude that usually makes me wonder what kind of mood elevator they use.  With this movie, it just works.  Maya Rudolph is the perfect, inappropriate BFF, that had me rolling on the floor.

Ok, not actually on the floor, but this movie has so many laugh-out-loud moments that the real movie review people from the newspapers, and my friend Fadra, probably won't want to sit next to me at another movie.  I laughed till I coughed, and sweated, all over the place.  Super ladylike.

The supporting cast included some of my recent favorites, like Gillian Jacobs from the Netflix series Love, and Jimmy O. Yang, who play Jian-Yang on the HBO series Silicon Valley. (If you haven't seen that show, my hubby says you are missing out on some seriously funny, and true-to-life nerdery.)

Go, go see it.  See it with your girls.  Bring a hooch (if its legal of course because I clearly would not advocate breaking the law).  Then, tell me how lady-like you were when you LOLed and sweated all over the seat.  Deal?  Deal.

Pinnable image for my review of Life of the Party

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