Disney World, Our Day in the Magic Kingdom

Disney World Magic Kingdom

The first day of our trip, we went to the Magic Kingdom.  As many of you may know, we go to Disneyland every year, so I was excited to see if it was different.  It was very different.  Just the sheer volume of people that they are prepared for is not what you typically see at Disneyland.  They also have four parks, and a water park that is closed this time of year.
Upon entering, I headed for city hall with Ry.  That is where you can get your DAS pass.  The DAS pass is for those guests with disabilities that don't tolerate waiting in line well, or need an alternative method of entry.  Ryan usually does very well, but we have learned from past experience, that he may need that if he becomes tired or overstimulated.  The best part of traveling to Disney this time of year?  NO LINES.  No really.  We rarely had to use his pass, and we were able to make same day dining reservations.  (More on that later.)

Disney Magic Kingdom
Waiting for us at City Hall

The first ride that we did (after the obligatory castle photo) was the teacups.  I just love the teacups. Look at his face!!

Disney World Magic Kingdom

One of the things that I can never get used to is how pretty everything is.  They don't miss a detail, from the gardening and shrubbery accents (in the shape of Alice in Wonderland), to a worker mopping the streets.  Yes, mopping the streets.

Disney World Magic Kingdom

One of the coolest things we saw at Disney World, that they don't do at Disneyland, is a stage show at the castle.  Almost every hour they have a stage show with most of the characters that you want to see! It was such a fun surprise.  More about the shows here.  

Disney World Magic Kingdom

I will personally not wait to meet the characters.  At the MK, you only get three fast passes, and we would rather ride rides than stand in a very long line.  We did it once.  Never again.  Another fun way to meet the characters is a dining experience.  Now, if you go to Disney World at almost any time of the year, you will need to make this reservation months in advance.  I highly recommend using a travel agent!  Because it is the off season, I was able to make some reservations just a week or so before.  We went to the Crystal Palace and had lunch with Pooh and his friends.  It was great!  The food was good, the kids were happy, and we all left thrilled with that experience.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Dining

Something I wasn't thrilled about, that I wasn't aware of, is you need to make a reservation for every sit down meal.  Disneyland has lots of little table service restaurants, and yes, you will need to put your name on a list.  At Disney World, you need to make them days in advance, unless you want pizza/hot dogs/burgers for every meal.  You can do it easily on the app.  If you don't have a travel agent making your reservations, download the app NOW and make your reservations.  You can also access your fast passes on it!

I forced my children to get silhouettes.  They were in pain the whole time, but I love the way they turned out.

Disney World Magic Kingdom

Have I mentioned that my kids are thrill seekers?  They love every coaster and drop ride that they can find.  Splash Mountain is no exception:

Disney World Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain

If you look really carefully, you can see them. I took one for the team and stayed with Belle.  HEEHEE!

Parades!  Do the parades!  They are so awesome!  We gave the kids super melty ice cream and sat and watched the parade.  Bring baby wipes, I don't know what I was thinking!

Disney World Magic Kingdom

We rode a bunch of rides, and I attempted to feed the kids quick service pizza.  They hated it, and were still hungry, so that was fun.  I made a last minute reservation at Tony's, which is based on the Italian restaurant in Lady and the Tramp.  The interior was charming and we were happy to get out of the impending rain storm (or so we thought).

If you have the chance, I highly recommend the Incredibles dance party.  The kiddos loved it, and we all had a blast.  Parking is insane at the Magic Kingdom, if we do it again we will stay at a resort on the Monorail.  I will go into all of that on my next post!  There are SO many things I wish I had known!

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