Honda Odyssey and a Massive Safety Recall

Honda Minivan Odyssey recall 2017

I'm not sure if you have heard the news, but Honda has had a massive safety recall, and it affected my van.  Roughly 635,000 vehicles manufactured between 2010-2015 are affected.  The specific issue involves a seat lock in the second row.  None of my minivan driving friends had heard, so I am spreading the word.

The seat may not be latched completely (even though it appears latched), causing injury in the event of a crash.  I, like many minivan owners, have three carseats installed in the second row.  It scared me, and (upon the advice of the tech) I moved the carseat until it is fixed.

Here is the information directly from Honda.  Was your vehicle affected?

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  1. It's truly disheartening to read about the massive recall due to safety concerns for the Honda Odyssey. As a longtime Honda owner, this hits home hard. I'm hoping that the company will prioritize not just rectifying this issue but also working tirelessly to prevent any such occurrences in the future.

    Safety should be the primary concern for any automaker, and it's crucial that they work in close collaboration with professional institutions like a suspension shop to ensure the utmost quality and security of their products. The expertise of these shops could provide valuable insights during the manufacturing process to prevent such concerning issues.

    This news, while upsetting, should also serve as a wake-up call for all of us consumers. We must remain informed and proactive about any potential safety recalls. Our lives and the lives of our loved ones could depend on it. Honda, we trust you to do better.