What the Heck Are We Doing for Thanksgiving?

Brace yourselves folks for pictures from the frozen tundra of God's Country (aka the midwest).  Yes, we JUST got back from Philly, and I promise I unpacked.  Next we will be fighting the holiday travelers on the most traveled holiday of the year, dragging three kids.

Are we crazy?  Probably.  I am packing heat this time in the form of two iPads and snacks.  If anyone gets snarky, I may just ask the Honeybadger to cough in that general direction (she's getting good at it).  That pretty much is not going to happen, as everyone that we meet on the way to Nebraska is nice.  No, really, its weird.  Rarely are fellow travelers nice (and a holiday might be the exception) but they always are nice when we go there.  I love it.  If I could get over the weather (and if there was a Whole Foods nearby) I would totally move there.

So friends, raise a very large glass of wine for me and think of me fondly as I brave the wilds of holiday travel with three kidlets.  Also pray to the weather Gods that we don't get weather delayed.  Well, if we get delayed in Dallas, I will not be sad.  I have some pretty awesome friends in Dallas.



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