Winter is coming and I am NOT enthused.  I love fall, it is my favorite time of the year.  The humidity is down, we can sleep with the windows open but it's still warm enough for my flip flops.(NO JUDGEMENT ZONE!)  This fall?  Nope, not enthused.

Warm Weather...please stay!

I am supposed to be excitedly pinning all of these fabulous outfits for all of us to go out and buy.  I'm also supposed to be making all of these inspirational fashion pin boards for everyone to swoon over.  Dude, I have tried.  I have scoured JCrew, Madewell and all of my favorites to no avail.

It is feeling like just another daggone sweater to me and I cannot get excited.  It isn't so much the clothes, (because let's face it, I just picked up this sweet little top for 40% off) it's the idea of taking another 15 minutes every morning to bundle everyone into cold weather gear.  It's the standing in the snow, freezing rain, and everything else mother nature can hand me as I strap/unstrap my little darlings from the car.  Sound familiar?

It's the months of being stuck in the house with three kiddos and cabin fever when my pediatrician says, "Don't go anywhere!"  It's the wet snow clothes hanging haphazardly around my living room all winter to dry, while the snow boots are on an (oh so chic) towel by the door.

So don't cry for me Argentina, just make this winter not quite so brutal?  MKay?  Thanks.



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