Grandma Turned 90!

It was epic.  Rightfully so for a woman who had 10 children, and the husband of legends.  She is funny, beautiful, tough, caring and full of amazing anecdotes.

My Grandma has lived in Los Angeles for her entire life.  She remembers when Beverly Hills was covered in walnut groves and when Disneyland opened.  She remembers being sent a book of tickets for the Disneyland rides because they owned stock.  It was only a month after my father was born and too soon in her recovery, but everyone else loved it!  It cracks me up when she complains about the news showing good weather in California during the winter.  "Great!  Another thousand people from the Midwest will move here to escape the winter."  

My outfit for the party was by Trina Turk, and it was an amazing clearance score from Nordstrom Rack.  The shoes?  Everyone needs some, and I am NOT kidding.  They are from Rockport.  Withhold judgement about old lady brands and such because LOOK!  They are super cute!  Ok, ok back to the point which is they rocked my world with their comfort. I am looking forward to the fall collection because my bad knees require better shoes these days.

 That was me contemplating the monsoon in LA that day.  Picture crazy frizzy hair, and lack of rainy weather clothing.  Score!!!

Due to my epic packing skills, (packing five people for two weeks in one suitcase) I only had space for one pair of dressy shoes.  These wedges made the cut.  Try them, you won't regret it and they are on sale! Consider this my shoe PSA!

Skillz aside, forgive the heavily filtered pic of us.  I was suffering heavily from terrible breakouts (I blame Disneyland) and an amazing lack of good pictures from that night.  I probably took 500 but egads.  Yuck.

I remember at one point in the night, surrounded by so many people that I love and thinking, I am in my happy place.  It's a great feeling.  


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