How to prep for Airline Travel with Kids!

I've done the airport with the kidlets sans hubs a couple of times, and people look at me with both shock and pity. But traveling with your littles doesn't have to be a catastrophe with a little forethought. If your baby (or babies) are still tiny, wowee!!!  Go for it sister!  If your kids have hit the motion before reason phase (like mine) it can be a little more...challenging.  Even with the extra difficulties, don't think twice about it.  It isn't easy to travel with kids, but it is so worth it!  Here are some of the things I do to make the trip easier...

1. Snacks.  All of the snacks.  Stay away from sugary ones because there is no outlet for energy.   I love the squeeze pouches because they have actual fruit and aren't a choking hazard.  I also love those little packs of raisins for the older kids because it keeps them busy for a second.

2.  Tiny new toys.  Something like this, or a water thing with a book like this.  It doesn't have to be anything crazy or expensive, just something to keep them occupied.  As they get older...iPad.  It makes entertaining them a breeze on the plane.  We download movies, and apps that don't require wifi.  It's a lifesaver.

3. Change of clothes for EVERYONE.  And two for the baby.  We have traveled a lot and you do not want to be in the position I have been in with filth.  I also throw in a plastic grocery bag in case of emergency too.

4. Lovies.  Don't pack those precious things that your child needs to sleep.  God forbid the airline loses it!

5.  Everything you need for one night. We have had our luggage misplaced.  A lot.  I either send a box or I pack jammies for everyone in my roller suitcase.  Now that the Honeybadger is big enough, she pulls the clothes. I use a color coded packing cube for both the emergency clothes and jammies, so that I can pull it out easily.

6. Stroller.  It depends on the airline, but I always gate check my stroller.  I use it as a tiny Sherpa, to haul my car seats to the gate. (I wear the baby in the Ergo.) If you have one baby and you are wearing them on the plane, you can just check the car seat and stroller.

7. Car seat.  So the Honeybadger uses this now for traveling on the plane.  It turns the seatbelt into a five point harness and is very easy to pack.  R3 is still in a car seat.  When checking your car seat, I always use a contractor bag!  (I also pack an extra.). It's durable, and keeps the seats protected from rain and dirt.  Cheap and easy!

8. Plan your feedings for takeoff and landing.  I also use a pacifier for the babies.  Those little ears hurt!

9.  Give yourself a lot of time.  Time to wait in line,  and get through security.  It just takes longer with kids.  Fortunately, they have changed the rules so that the littles can keep the shoes on and if you are wearing baby, you can continue to do that through security.  They just check your hands for explosive residue.  SUCH A LIFESAVER!!

It sounds crazy, but it is actually a reasonable amount!  Just make lists, pare that list down and you've got it sister!  Am I forgetting one of your travel essentials?


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