Fashion Slump

Here's an excerpt from my latest blog post on Moms Magazine:

Hi there.  My name is Christy and I'm in a fashion slump.  It happens every year about this time and one of these days I will be prepared.

It is so freaking cold outside that you can't see what I'm wearing.  You will see my Uggs, my rain boots, or my workout sneakers and the bottoms of my pants.  That's it.  I'm covered in cold weather gear and I don't care.  Blech!  (Unless you are my very lucky neighbors who have cocktails with me in my fuzzy pants; they are super lucky.)

Every fall I delightfully pin plaid scarves and boots with fun sweater textures.  I can hardly wait to update my mommy (machine washable and stretchy) wardrobe and try some new styles!  (I like fashion, but part of being stained with style is accepting that my kids make me a mess.  Looking perfect is not important.  Looking great in outfits that reflect my lifestyle, is.). 

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