Essential Oils, Help!

The answer?  I have no idea!  Bwhahaha! Did you think I know all about the crunchy stuff?  Nope, and this post is all about me asking you for advice.

The kidlets have been sick this winter.  Like SICK.  Poor Belle has had three ear infections, hand, foot and mouth AND we have had to delay shots because of it.  I cannot even imagine what would be happening if I wasn't nursing.  Here is my poor sick little lovey.

Due to the December sickness debacle, I bought a diffuser and thieves oil.  I have been running it like crazy and we still got the stomach flu.  It was isolated to one child, so perhaps that's why?

I love the way it smells, and am willing to keep with it but I need suggestions. Preferably suggestions that won't cost me a million dollars in oils.  Also, what do you use to safely make your house smell good. Is lemon/orange working well for you?  What about the bathroom?

I already use orange oil as a spray in the nursery for odor, but I really want to expand my crunchiness in a way that is effective and doesn't kill my wallet all at once.  Ok natural mamas, let me have it!  


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