An empty corner

For years I have been complaining about the massive baby devices cluttering up the house.   My first was born before 4 Moms came up with the very space saving momaroo, so my swing was huge.  We also have two circles of neglect (as we call them), and we had two rocker/bouncer/vibration chairs. Between babies, they went into a large closet we use for storage.  No one could enter for fear for their life.  I say this semi jokingly, but those of you storing baby gear know what I mean.  Almost nothing folds flat and they are all bulky, leading to precarious positioning.  I really needed a beware sign.  I say we HAD those in the past tense because I said goodbye to them today. 
Admittedly,  I thought I wouldn't care.  I thought I would be glad to see them go and reclaim some space.  Today I don't feel that way at all.  Today I am shedding a few tears that that part of my life is done.  No more tiny baby that arches it's back when lifted, no more baby that will sleep on my chest anywhere.  No more tiny little outfits that all of my littles wore.  I still have a baby, but as her first year draws to a close, I am reminded how short the time is.  
Such a precious, fleeting moment that they are tiny, then preschoolers,  then off to school.   I have bad mommy moments every day.  Every day but it's times like these that make me want to hold them close and never put my baby down.
My four year old keeps asking, "When will my feet touch the floor? When will I go to big school?"  The answer for me is always, too soon baby.

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