I belong to every cheapskate group on Facebook, I get tons of sale emails from all of my favorite brands and I am a believer in never, NEVER, paying retail.

That said, it takes a lot of time.  A lot of time and knowing what I want and the size that I need before I order.  It's easier to do this with the kids clothes and shoes but not so much with me.  Mom standard I think.  I probably belong to every sample sale site out there, and I definitely have my favorites, but it also watch for promos on regular stores as well.  One of my go to sites is Old Navy/Gap.  I love ON for inexpensive play clothes for the kids.  Stuff that they can ruin at school, and I don't care.  The best part is that they often have really great sales.  I'm talking 25-40% off.  You seriously can't beat that.

One of my all time favorites for kids is Boden.  Love, love, love it.  It's super pricey though, even with the sales.  I will try to snag those deals at Nordstrom Rack, or from a really good local consignment store that I love.  I don't know how she does it but she seems to have such great stuff.  (Ha!  See previous post.)

Off Fifth by Saks has awesome deals for both me and the kids.  Now that is the stuff that is more for fancy parties, or that one or two really nice maxi dress that I treat myself to for the summer.  (I live in them.)

Other than that I belong to a lot of Facebook groups.  All of my favorite kids shoes (Livie and Luca) baby brands, SOME mommy stuff :), and resale sites.  Crazy mommas out there spend 60 dollars on a smocked outfit for their precious baby and I will gladly scoop that up second hand.  The same goes with the monogrammed things. Especially the monogrammed things.

I could do (and should do) a post on my monogram obsession.  Lately my mantra has been smock and match all the things!  My poor children, but they look soooo cuuuuute!

While it's true that I really do a lot of work to get a deal for the family, and not everyone has that time.  There are lots of ways to still look great, and not spend a ton of cash.  What do you do?