No!!  My wonderful, happy Belle is crawling and has developed quite the personality.   That is,  she never wants to sit still and she NEVER wants to sleep.  I am so tired I am probably not safe to drive.

So last week she started commando crawling.  Not much new there as all three have been early movers.  I know that each thing that they do new, motor - wise means no sleep.  So then, she gets her first cold (with a fever) and is teething.  Oy vey to quote a friend!  Can mama catch a break?

We are not a cry it out family.  I am a big follower of Dr.  Weissbluth and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and we have been (mostly) faithfully following since R3 was born.  Belle has been such a great sleeper that it has been pretty natural.

All that said, we go in very quietly, every five minutes and pat bottoms and re paci until they settle down.  Belle is NOT having it.  She gets super pissed and cries harder.  So tonight we are going  to try ten minutes.  Wish me luck!   Last night it was 8, 11, 1, 2 and 5:15.  Ouch.  I am beyond tired.

Dr. Weissbluth would say she is overtired.  After no nap for my always naps girl, I agree.  I am so tired I broke out a fancy mommy coffee.  Thankfully Daddy came home in time to take the bigs to swimming lessons,  so I had a minute to start dinner and complain.   Happy sleeping!