I am a mom of three kids.  My oldest is four and the baby is seven months.  I feel like I should stand up and say my name is Christy and I have a problem, a hoarding problem.  

I am sure this is a common mom complaint.  I mean, I saved everything for when we were having our little Belle and as we had a boy and a girl previously, I have newborn through 2t for both sexes.  It is an insane amount of stuff.  The clothes are obviously overwhelming, but they can be vacuum packed down and stuffed under beds...and they are.  It's storing the OTHER stuff that gets me in a tizzy.

What do you do with the tons of brightly colored, plastic necessities for babies?  There is a 1-2 year period where that stuff is sitting in a closet, who am I kidding, taking over a room!  It is just crazy.  It doesn't fold down well, the stuff has electronic parts and is drooled on by my baby, so it isn't going in the garage.  Sigh.  You too?  What's your solution.  I will say I love 4 moms products like the momaroo because it has such a small and compact footprint.

Now I have the awesome responsibility of selling it.  Not all of it but I am starting with the outgrown clothes.  I can't in good conscience give all of it away as I can fund the next years wardrobe with the proceeds.  I'm really not sure what is the best method of getting rid of it all.  I have tried consignment, but they are super picky and it is time consuming to get it all ready.  Then, they take 40%.  So, what's another option?  No yard sale.  I am NOT selling basically unused Ralph Lauren baby gear for 25 cents.  I would rather give it away.  

Have you found a way to destash, and make some cash?  Wanna share?  Here is an example of the goodies just sitting in a closet.