6 Ways to Update your Home with Supply Delays

When we moved to California, we purchased a home that is 40 years old.  Where I grew up, that is almost unheard of, but out here, its pretty normal.  Of course, it needed work!  Of course EVERYTHING is delayed right now.  Appliances, furniture, hardware, and lots of other items are backordered for many months.  I have learned a few tricks that will help you get items sooner during your renovation!  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy, found here, and my use of commissioned links.

One of our project was to build lofts for the kids rooms.  They have been affected by delays as we are waiting for carpet!

You can read more about our move to California here!

Here are five tips to find items for your home improvement when supplies are limited!

1. Source locally.

I think this sounds silly, but if it is near you, it is available.  For example, I visited about 7 stone yards before I found one that had my tile in stock. I wasn't looking for anything challenging, just white subway tile and a marble herringbone for the bar.  That made it easy to find!

I was super lucky to run across the tile and the countertops in stock and made in the US.

2.  Think about US made. 

Most of the delays are coming from overseas, China specifically.  Countertops can even be an issue.  I was looking for something very durable (hello kids), and more sustainable.  My choice was quartz, and I found out that LG (yes the electronics company) manufactures quartz in the US!  It took less than a week for the material to arrive.  If you simply must have a foreign material, I would follow number one.  Check lots of local stores. Someone may have it!

3.  Be flexible.

Have a plan B.  Let's say you want something not US made,  you must have the item that is very backordered.  Beware that the date is only an estimate.  (I have had shipping dates pushed back for MONTHS with some items like bathroom hardware, and furniture.)  I would choose a plan B.  I had to do that with my media console.  The one that I chose from West Elm (you can click here to see it), was backordered for six months.  After the final delay, pushing it back another three months, I chose plan b.  

4.  Get creative

After waiting nine weeks for a kitchen table that didn't fit, I needed to think outside the box.  Pinterest was my friend through this whole process.  I decided that I wanted a very durable table (kids again), that was within my budget.  Back to the stone yard I went, to find a remnant.  A remnant is a piece of countertop that is leftover from another project.  I have already used remnants in two of my rooms (for the bar, and the powder room), to not only keep costs down, but use some different materials when I only needed a small piece.  A whole slab is HUGE.  I walked the yard, found one with my measurements, and ordered legs on Etsy.  While the exact ones I ordered are gone, I have linked similar ones here...I first contacted the manufacturer to verify that they would hold the stone top safely.  The stone yard is custom making the table for me.  For an extra fee, they are also installing the legs.  They have done a ton of projects like that, so for them it is easy!  And this is a fraction of the price that I found online.  The table was done this week, and I am thrilled.

I can't wait to jazz up this area a bit, and I am SO pleased with how it turned out.

5.  Find local chain stores for appliances.

There are a couple of ways to find appliances when they are in short supply, and my favorite is scratch and dent/open box.  The first thing we did was look for appliances that fit the ratings the hubs was looking for.  He will search consumers reports forever to find the best options.  Once it has the techie approval (LOL), then I begin the hunt.  I search out which local stores carry that brand.  I then look for one with a lot of stores (if they have a scratch and dent outlet you are lucky).  Then I will call and ask if they have any open box or scratch and dents.  It is really that easy.  They are typically under a full warranty (but verify that), and are available within days...not months.  I was able to source our washer/dryer, our fridge (which was a HOLY GRAIL find), a deep freezer, and our convection oven/microwave that way.  The only one we waited for was the dishwasher that our home warranty company ordered.  It was months and I will never do that again!

6.  Facebook marketplace is your friend.

You will be shocked what you can find.  Honestly.  Most recently I found a furniture shop that buys vintage dressers/nightstands/credenzas, etc.  They refinish them to your specifications.  I have ordered nightstands, and a credenza for the dining room.  I am beyond excited, and the only waiting time is for the actual labor.  May I also add, the price is great for solid wood!  Again this is an Etsy shop, and I found a local one that delivers.

On its way to my house!

I hope you found some of these tips helpful.  Please keep me posted about any of your upcoming projects!

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