Frozen 2:my kids review, and free coloring pages

The question on every parent's mind: will Frozen 2 stand up to the original? Absolutely, YES! Frozen 2 takes risks that payoff in laughs, tears, and breathless excitement throughout. While  the first Frozen explored how to find strength in your differences and the power of love, Frozen 2 tries to come to grips with the inevitability of change and doing "the next right thing" when you are lost in the world.  What Frozen 2 lacks in earworm songs (spoiler alert: no Let it Go reprise), it makes up for in laughs for all ages. Frozen 2 is a gem of a movie and stands alone from its incredible predecessor.

My family was invited to see an early screening of Frozen 2 this week, and I was pretty excited.  The first Frozen was so unique, and was the top grossing animated film of all time!  I just love it.  This version has some good laugh-out-loud moments, catchy songs, and interesting twists.  Everything that you want from a Disney movie. The kids had a great time, and came home singing the songs. What more can parents want from a childhood movie experience?  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy (found here), and my use of commissioned based links.

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He gave it two thumbs up!

Here is the Trailer for Frozen 2:

Adult Review:

Kristen Bell, reprising her role as Anna, showcased her serious vocal chops in this film.  She's always so bubbly and funny in her roles, and it was pretty cool to see her range of ability.   The movie was sweet, and laugh out loud funny at times.

Olaf (played by Josh Gad), by far, stole the show for me.  When he recapped the original Frozen movie, we were all rolling in our seats.  The music was good, my kiddos were singing all the way home.

Elsa (Idina Menzel) did some amazing magic.  Her whole battle with the water, and the horse in the water was really visually stunning.  Ms. Menzel truly has an amazing vocal range, her Broadway background really shines through!

There was no adult language, or situations that need to be addressed for kids.  There is one intense moment, and the seeming loss of a beloved character, but it passed fairly well for my kids.  The rock monsters were a little scary for my 5-year-old, and she needed to sit on Daddy's lap for a bit.  I would recommend it even for younger kids.  It wasn't too intense, too sad, or anything that would make me wary.

Kid Review:

I will just let them tell you what they thought, themselves!

You guys, I have a ton of really adorable coloring sheets for you.  I made it super easy, and put them in a google doc, so that you can just print them!

Just click on this link, and enjoy!

Frozen comes out on November 22, 2019.  Are you planning on seeing it in the theater?

trailer, frozen 2 review, kristen bell, kristen bell frozen 2, coloring pages, free frozen 2 coloring pages, frozen 2 coloring pages
Frozen 2 pinnable image

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