The Lion King-Take the Kids, or Wait for Netflix?

The Lion King, the "live" action version.  The truth?  A lot of you will really love it, but I didn't.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it a lot. The high points were there, but you may not want to take the littles to the theater.  I'll explain why and provide a spoiler-free kiddo review at the end.  The Lion King opens on July 19, 2019.  Here is a link to my updated privacy information, and by continuing to read, you are agreeing to it and my use of commissioned links in the post.

The Good Stuff:

The new Lion King is very close to the original.  If you loved those funny moments, and thrilling vistas, they get even better with this version.  Your home TV screen can not do justice to the beauty of this film... I am one of those who thrived on the nostalgia, the songs, and the beauty.  I should add that there was zero bad language.  Nothing that is questionable at all!

Beyonce as Nala

Full disclaimer, I think Beyonce is very talented.  Pretty much everything she touches is gold.  When I heard she would be involved in this film, I was beyond excited.  Guess what?  Beyonce made all of my Bey dreams come true. Her tone mimicked the original songs, but added a subtle twist.  And you guys, the original score from the Lion King is outstanding.  Some of the comments I heard were along the lines of her speaking voice distracting from the story,  I disagree.  I loved her take on one of my favorite characters.


Hans Zimmer, who composed the music, kept most of the songs from the original.  With the exception of different voice actors singing the originals, they really felt the same.  I could NOT get enough.  


There were a ton of laugh out loud moments.  A ton.  Timon (Billy Eichner), and Pumbaa (Seth Rogan), are up to their usual hilarious, lighthearted hijinx.  It is no surprise that we had a sprinkling of Eichner's brand of sarcastic comedy with Timon, but it works.  You guys I REALLY loved the original casting.  I wasn't sure that anyone could top Nathan Lane, but it left me wanting more.

The Not So Great

There are some not so great things about it too, and these reasons may make you want to wait for streaming.


The animals were CGI, so while it was live action, it wasn't live.  It is a bit hard to really connect with characters that aren't human, or maybe that is just me.  The CGI was done well, for the most part.  The hair blowing in the wind, was worthy of a Beyonce fan moment.  This may also be just me, but it seemed that none of the animals had genitalia.  Even the nursing mother giraffe had no udders.  This may be the farm girl rearing her head, but I really missed the realism.


It was really intense.  I will not be taking my five year old, because she will be scared out of her mind.  You know the scene that I'm talking about, in the original movie...the stampede.  It looks really real, its long, and it is loud.  I took my 7 year old son with me, and he needed me to hold him.  The scene at the end of the original where Simba challenges Scar is less intense, but was frightening with all of the roaring for him. (Check out his video review.)  Kids with sensory needs, like my son, may want to bring ear protection.

Final Thoughts

I think you should see the movie, just be cautious about the littles.  When it is a rainy day during the summer, it may be the perfect solution to keep the kiddos entertained!  I cannot wait to hear your thoughts, are you planning on going?  Also, what do you think about all of these live action remakes that Disney is doing these days?  I was pretty upset about not having any lion king gear at the movie, so I found some cute ones on Amazon, if you want to be prepared!

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