Getting through airport security easily, with CLEAR

Do you travel?  A lot?  Or just with kids, so it seems like a lot?  HA!  Me too.  About a year ago, my husband got a free trial of something called CLEAR. Have you heard of CLEAR?  I hadn't either.  He used it to get through security at the airport, and called me immediately.  He was able to get through security easily with CLEAR, and he insisted that I sign up, using a free three month trial.  I was reluctant, because I have precheck, but I am so glad that I did.  By continuing to read this post, you are agreeing to our updated privacy terms, which can be found here, and this post contains affiliate links.

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Smile, and pretend you are happy to be awake!

I signed up, and waited until our next family travel.  The first time that you go to the airport, it will take a couple of minutes to set it all up.  They need to get your fingerprints on file, and get all of the security information in order.  I wasn't in the best mood during my set up.  I thought I had done all of it already, it was before God is awake in the morning, and the kids were doing ALL OF THE KID THINGS in the airport.  One may have been licking the floor-you get my point.  This is why I am warning you ahead of time.

Using CLEAR at the airport

When you go to the security area, at participating airports, (and that list is here), you will go directly to the CLEAR kiosk attendants with your boarding pass.  They will scan your boarding pass, verify your fingerprint on the machine, and possibly your iris.  It is pretty cool.  Then, they escort you, via the CLEAR line, to the security screening area.  You do not have to wait with your ID and a TSA agent to check it!  

Using CLEAR with precheck

This is where the money is.  I have precheck, and I go through the exact same procedure as above, except they escort me past the TSA check in the precheck line.  There, I don't do any physical screening (unless I am randomly selected).  That means I keep my shoes on, computer in the bag, and just breeze right through.  More about the differences can be found here.

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On the plane and its still dark...

Using CLEAR when traveling with kids

Any family member under the age of 18, can access CLEAR with the member.  Its that easy.  When I am traveling with the kids, we can all go straight to the screening area, without showing any identifying documents.  And because they can use my precheck too, we go the security area without physical screening.  It is SO MUCH EASIER.

The cost

CLEAR membership is $179 dollars a year (15 a month), and it is an additional $50 to add up to three family members.  It isn't free, but that luxury has been worth it for our family.  We travel a lot, and when we fly through awful airports like LAX, it makes it easy.  If you travel for work, I highly recommend signing up, and asking your company to join.  If you are a Delta SkyMiles member, they have an exclusive discount for you!  If you are a general SkyMiles member, the cost is $99 per year, $79 for Platinum/Gold/Silver, and free for Diamond members!  I literally didn't know that until I started researching this post, and now we are paying $99 instead of $179!  You can join CLEAR here.  And by the way, just sign up for Delta Skymiles now.  You never have to use it, and you can get the discount.  Win/win.

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