6 YOU Investments to Incorporate into your Everyday Life!

Life can get pretty crazy, mom life... right?!  We can become so busy to the point where
we get to the end of the week and realize 7 whole days (or maybe longer) has gone by and you
haven’t done anything for yourself! Studies have actually shown that men have more “me time”
than women throughout their week by 5 hrs. There are small investments you can make
throughout your week to help you prevent this and close that gap between men and women!  Here is a link to my updated privacy information.

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Here are 6 tips to make investments…

…for your health…

Non-toxic products

As women, it has become almost unavoidable that we use skin and hair products almost every
day. Whether it be the shampoo you use or the mascara you apply in the morning, you have the
potential of putting toxic and harmful products into your system. There are many companies that
have now become transparent with the ingredients that they are using so you can always be in
the know. You can use these products within 5 minutes - giving you a great investment that
doesn’t completely ruin your busy schedule!

A well-rounded cookbook

When you eat better, you feel better- it is as simple as that! Broadening your horizon with what
you can cook will give you some “me-time” while in the kitchen, and ultimately will make you feel
better. It is officially the right time to stray away from the buttered noodles you’ve been making
since college, and aim to make your meals the right way.

...for your closet…

Comfortable underwear

Women seem to forget to invest in comfortable undergarments. This is typically where we take a
hit in our wardrobe, and tend to deal with outdated and ill-fitting underwear for months. Online
lingerie companies like True & Co. makes finding underwear that fits your natural shape and
also allows you to breathe super easy! You don’t even need to leave your comfy couch and
dedicate too much time on this task!

The perfect date night dress

Everyone deserves a date night, whether it be a surprise from your husband of 20 years or the
first date with your crush! A necessary investment is a dress you can have on deck for any
occasion needing to show your best features. A nice colorful sundress for the warmer months,
or a sleek skirt paired with tights in the colder seasons. Researching and finding the right outfit
for your body will cause you to feel extremely confident and enjoy your night out!

...for your mind…

Take a bath

Taking a bath may be the most enjoyable investment on this list. You are able to relax, put in a
fun, new bath bomb from Lush and reflect on your week. This is your time alone, to actually sit
in silence. Take this time to finish that book you haven’t had time for, or mindlessly flip through
that gossip magazine. Reset yourself so you are able to strive towards being YOU with nothing
holding you back.

Breathing exercises

There are many times throughout a work day when the stress seems like too much. In these
times, practicing some breathing exercises can prove to be extremely beneficial. With it only
taking little to almost no time, it is the perfect break to collect your thoughts and put everything
into perspective.

Feel free to comment below on how you invest in yourself!

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