Toxic Receipts from Target?! Say it isn't so!

Sometimes, little blogs like mine can make a difference.  You guys may have seen my Facebook, or Instagram live the other day?  Probably not-HA!  I was talking about something really important-freaking toxic receipts.  At Target.

You can sign the petition to ask them to change!

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Sign the petition to ban toxic receipts

"Bisphenols like BPA & BPS are hormone-disrupting chemicals linked to weight gain, infertility, hyperactivity in children, early puberty & cancers. " (Leah Segedie, Mamavation)

They won't put them in baby bottles anymore, but it's ok in receipts?  Here is why it isn't...

Directly from Leah's research (and she is my green guru), " thermal receipt paper is up to 1000x more potent than in food.  That is some scary stuff.  That's because it's powder, and it gets everywhere.

Don't just believe me, or Leah.  Do your own research.  Here is a study from the NIH (National Institute of Health) saying the same thing.

It's not just Target, a lot of companies do it.  Leah is just starting with Target, because most moms  (and our audience) shop there.  And we CAN make a difference.  We have the right to ask that they change the type of paper they use for receipts.

Sign this petition asking Target to change its receipts!

Share this post (via the handy dandy links below) with EVERYONE.  Let's do this.  Let's change the world ladies.

While you are at it, check out Leah's book, Green Enough.  It will blow your mind.  In a good way.

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Toxic Chemicals on your receipts at Target, sign the petition

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