What Moms Really Want For Mother's Day

This is a PSA, and mostly for the hubbies.  Like an (untrained) investigative reporter, I have been asking random moms, "What do you REALLY want for Mother's Day?" The answers will not surprise any of you.  While we all appreciate those sweet little drawings, and burnt toast in bed, what we really want is a break from...being a mom.  This post contains commissioned links and by reading beyond this point, you are are agreeing to my updated privacy policy.

Not many of us are doing this on Mother's Day!

What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day.

1.  Sleep.  

A night in a hotel?  The guest room with Netflix and no baby monitor?  Go wild guys, the world is your oyster.  This year, because most of the world is in lock-down, a hotel isn't possible.  Let's kid-proof the guest room as much as possible-ok?

2. A Cleaning Lady

My friend Leah made this recommendation and, YES!  A couple of weeks (or forever) of a cleaning lady is the gift that keeps on giving!  Since you may not be able to do that right now, how about partner and kids make a cleaning crew?  It would mean a lot.

3. No meal prep.

Let's just go ahead and eat takeout for every meal that day, or even just one.  For the others?  Dads, you make that kitchen shine.  She deserves it.  You have to see what a local resort is doing for Mother's Day!  Turf Valley is doing a family meal bundle that looks sooooo delicious.  Or you could get her a CookSmarts subscription...

4.  Everyone doing chores without whining.

Sorry sweetheart, but I doubt this magical interlude is in the works, but maybe next year?  Unicorns may appear in my garage too, but perhaps the hubs can deal with it for one day.

5.  Spa. 

Several ladies said that this is the gift that they LOVE.  Me time and pampering (preferably with wine).  It's a great way to support a local business that is struggling too!  You can also buy some products to make it a spa day at home, like this from Target.

6. A kid-free day. 

I had this for one Mother's Day, and it was magical.  Since we are locked up, maybe arrange with other hubbies for a zoom date, or an appropriately distanced walk with her bff.  Let her lock herself away with Netflix, buy some self care items

7.  A surprise date with the hubby. 

 A couple of ladies thought that a date (totally planned by the hubs) would be an amazing surprise.  I agree.  Not easy to do?  Put the kids to bed early, or put them in front of a movie, and try Singo!

8.  A girls' night. 

Talk to some of the besties hubbies and plan a surprise ladies night.  You will appreciate it at the end of the night, trust me.  My hubby found this thing called Singo. It's like Bingo with songs instead of letters/numbers. It is a super fun way to spend an evening on Zoom with friends.  You can sign up via that link.

9. Decorate the house.

Get the kids into it, do something special.  Or, in Maryland, hire someone like my friend Caroline to set up an awesome contactless balloon garland!  

Here is the best part for my local to Maryland friends.  Caroline has offered to do one for one of you for free, and Turf Valley has offered!

Share this with your life-mate ladies, and if he makes it happen, tell me.  Get what you really want- a break.  You deserve it.  

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