Black Panther: After the Hype - No Spoilers and Girl Power

Ok guys, I sent the hubs to review this one.  Why?  He is waaaay more invested in the Marvel movies (though I do enjoy them a lot)!  I hope you enjoy his thoughts as much as I did...

I have seen 15 out of the 17 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Although I had a passing knowledge of comics, Hulk, Iron Man, etc., growing up, I only owned one solo volume of The Tick. I have never seen an MCU movie in the theater.

Black Panther, Disney, Marvel movies

Black Panther was a treat.

First, as a super-hero adventure movie, it combines the best of Captain America, Iron Man, and some James Bond. Edge of your seat fights, gadgets, explosions. Black Panther has all of it, and it is all well done.

The movie covers the backstory crisply and cleanly, so that a novice can follow why the Black Panther is important, and why Wakanda, his country, is something special.

Disney, Marvel, Black Panther

The villains are excellent, which has been rare in the MCU. The gleeful chaos of Andy Serkis as Klaue (pronounce Claw) is a welcome change from his usual role as a CGI surrogate. Michael B. Jordan brings a lethal competence to his character, Erik Killmonger.

Chadwick Boseman is excellent, and his strong performance provides the baseline for the rest of the cast to shine. Winston Duke, as M'Baku makes to most of being both menacing and, wait for it, jolly.

The women shine the brightest. Angela Bassett as the elder Queen, Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia, the conscience of Wakanda, and Letitia Wright, Princess Shuri, who is somehow both the technical Q to Boseman's Black Panther, but also the source of much of the belly laughs in the movie.

Black panther, disney, marvel comics movies

Finally Dani Gurira, as the General Okoye. I think she was the best character in the movie. Stunningly lethal, competent, ready to take T'Challa down a peg when he needs it, loyal, but able to divorce duty and emotion. She is the character that although may be the most fantastic - she was the most real of the bunch.

MCU has set a high bar for entertainment. Black Panther meets that bar.

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