The Best Stroller Accessories Giveaway

The Best Stroller Accessories Giveaway
Those who've been following the blog know that I'm a self-confessed stroller addict. So, I know a thing or two about strollers and stroller accessories. What is a "must-have" vs. a "luxury" item for each parent depends on many things such as whether or not you have a car, the climate & terrain where you live, number of kids, ages of kids, and so on. But, chances are, if you have a baby or toddler, you have a stroller. And if you have a stroller, you're going to need and/or want every item in my BEST STROLLER ACCESSORIES GIVEAWAY! I've rounded up over $500 in amazing prizes from 11 fabulous brands in this giveaway and one verrrrry lucky winner will take it all! Read on for more about each prize and enter to win in the Rafflecopter box at the bottom! Best of luck to you all!!!
Win $500 worth of the best stroller accessories in this giveaway by US Japan Fam, ending March 15, 2017!
*Disclaimer: Amazon links below are "affiliate links" - you won't pay more but I'll get a tiny cut to help fund the blog!*

Win a Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+ in US Japan Fam's $500 value
If you have a child in the 2-6 years range, a toddler board is a great add-on to your stroller. Kids want to walk, explore, and bop along with us, but they simply don't have the stamina for walking long distances, not to mention we don't always have the patience to walk at their snail speed when we're running late, am I right!? When a new baby comes along, a ride-on board is also a great alternative to getting a double stroller! In my case, baby #2 ended up being twins, so a seated toddler board for big brother was a lifesaver and an essential add-on to make our double stroller a triple!

Lascal's BuggyBoard Maxi is one of the best options out there for a number of reasons, my favorite one being that you can attach a saddle seat (sold separately) so your child can ride sitting or standing (the saddle flips up and out of the way)! Other amazing features of Lascal's BuggyBoard Maxi are its universal fit to any strolleranti-slip surface, large wheels (i.e. clearance for your feet so you don't have to walk way behind or to the side of the stroller), suspension for a comfy ride, quick release, and lift & store system (you hook the entire board up out of the way when not in use). For good reason, BuggyBoard won the Mom's Choice Award in the Gear & Accessory category!

​Our grand prize winner will receive a BuggyBoard Maxi+ with Saddle, a $150 value!!! Others can purchase one on Regal Lager's website and Amazon. I'll be doing a review on the Maxi+ with Saddle shortly, so check back soon.

Win an Antipodes Merino Sleeping Bag in US Japan Fam's $500 value
A good sleep sack is essential for any baby or toddler, but what makes the Antipodes Merino Sleeping Bag so cool and worthy of being in my Best Stroller Accessories Giveaway is that it is a stroller-friendly sleep sack!!! Yes, that's right - it has a slot cut out in the front and back, so you can feed the seat belt right through it to secure your child in the stroller (or car seat, swing, high chair, etc) without having to remove the sleep sack! Likewise, it also aids in a quick and easy transfer of sleeping child out of the stroller. I also love it because it's hip-healthyopens flat for easy diaper changes, contains no flame retardant chemicals, and is one-size-fits-all (3-24 months). Our grand prize winner will receive one sleeping bag in their choice of color, a $100 value! Others can purchase on Antipodes Merino's website or Amazon

Win a JoJo Maman Bebe Footmuff in US Japan Fam's $500 value
If you plan to do extensive strollering around in the cooler months, a stroller bunting or footmuff is an essential stroller accessory. These by JoJo Maman Bébé are great because they're waterprooffleece lined, and have a universal fit for just about any stroller. They zip up nicely to rest under child's chin, can fold down quickly when you run into a store, and can be removed completely so you can use the under layer simply as a stroller liner year-round! The JoJo footmuff also has handy ties allowing you to secure it to the stroller so your child can't toss it off and the footmuff is more likely to stay put when the stroller is folded and stored. Our grand prize winner will receive a footmuff in their choice of color, a $69 value. Others can purchase on the JoJo Maman Bébé website. You can browse their website or Amazon to see their full line of great kids clothes, maternity wear, toys, and more!

Win a Manito Elegance Stroller Shield in US Japan Fam's $500 value
Whether protecting your child from the biting cold or pouring rain, Manito has the best stroller shields I have ever come across. They are easy to install, and once up you simply unzip the front plastic window to get your child in and out, leaving the shield (in it's wet and messy glory) in place on the stroller! When you do need to remove the cover, It folds up nicely since the majority is (water-repellantwindproof, nontoxic) nylon rather than plastic that gets hard and can crack if folding away when still cold. It also features a removable roomy foot cover, 99% UV protective windows in front and sides, parent pockets in the back, and a matching storage pouch.

​Our grand prize winner will receive one Manito Elegance Single Stroller Shield ($49 value) in their choice of color (subject to availability), in either the Alpha or Beta style (depending on what type of stroller you have, you can look here to determine which you'll need). Others can purchase one on Manito's website or Amazon.

Win a set of Munchie Mug snack cups in US Japan Fam's $500 value
There are many snack cups out there that claim to be spill-proof, and there are a few that come pretty darn close. But Munchie Mug takes spill-proof to the next level - these are actually SHAKE PROOF! Yep, it's completely sealed! So, if you have a toddler who likes to shake their snack cup to try to make their snacks start flying about, they will meet their match with this one! Munchie Mug features 2 overlapping pieces of fabric, which means not only is it spill-proof, it'll also be much nicer on little hands than traditional plastic snack cup tops! What's more? They are BPA / Phthalate / Lead / PVC free and proudly made in the USA. Our grand prize winner will receive one 12oz and 16oz cup, in their choice of colors, a $35 value. Others can browse cups on Munchie Mug's website or Amazon. I'll be reviewing these shortly, so check back soon!

Win a Choopie CityBucket Parent Console in US Japan Fam's $500 value
Most well-known and beloved for their CityGrips, Choopie makes a number of great stroller accessories that are practical and perfect for personalizing and brightening up your stroller! Their parent console, called the Super Cute CityBucket lives up to the name because, yes, they are SUPER CUTE!! CityBuckets will fit any stroller and feature 2 cup holders, 1 cargo area, 1 large pocket, a wireless frame (so you don't have to remove it when folding your stroller), and attach via 2 universal slip-proof velcro straps. Our grand prize winner will receive one CityBucket in the design of their choice, a $25 value. Others can purchase on Choopie's website, and can browse some of their other great products on Amazon.

Win a set of Buggy Balance umbrella stroller anti-tip weights in US Japan Fam's $500 value
One reason we use umbrella strollers is because they are so lightweight. Unfortunately, for the same reason, they are incredibly easy to tip over - if you hang anything on the back and then remove your child, bam, the stroller flips back instantly (I've even seen them tip backwards WITH THE CHILD IN THEM - SCARY!!!). Buggy Balance has solved this problem with 3 pound weights that easily attach just above the front wheels to keep your lightweight stroller from flipping backwards! With Buggy Balance weights on, you can hang up to 15 pounds of weight from the stroller's handles without worrying about it tipping over! Our grand prize winner will receive one set (2 weights), a $20 value. Others can purchase on Amazon.

Win a set of Ikue baby belt strap covers in US Japan Fam's $500 value
5-point harness seat belts are essential for the safety of our children in strollers, swings, high chairs, and car seats*. However, they are infamous for scratching and irritating the necks of our little ones. They can also become a delight for babies and toddlers to gnaw on!! Baby belt strap covers to the rescue! I'm loving this new line from Ikue by Maruju, a beloved brand in Japan. Ikue's baby belt covers are made of 100% muslin cotton, which gets softer after each wash! The design options are great, too - 5 simple colors (blue, gray, green, yellow, pink), and my personal favorites animal camouflage and dinosaur camouflage! If you practice babywearing, depending on the width of your baby carrier straps, they could also function as teething pads! Our grand prize winner will receive one set of belt colors, in their choice of color, a $19 value. Others can purchase these as well as Ikue's matching bibs, blankets, handkerchiefs, onesies, scarves, and towels on Amazon.

*While these are perfectly safe for usage in the stroller, high chair, swings and baby carrier, please check with the manufacturer before using in the car seat, since after market products can in some instances reduce the safety of your car seat.

Win a Diono 2-in-1 Head Support Pillow in US Japan Fam's $500 value
When a stroller says it's "infant compatible", even if it lays completely flat, you really shouldn't strap your newborn straight in there. You need to use a support pillow, either for the full body or at the very least, their head. This will help stabilize your little one from jiggling around too much or squirming into an awkward position, and will also make them feel nice and snuggly! This 2-stage head support pillow by Diono is great because it grows with your child - use with both arched pillows for preemieslow birth weight, and newborns up to 15 pounds, and use with just the outer pillow for larger babies. Made of soft machine washable micro-fleece fabric, it can be used in strollers, swings, infant carriers*, and car seats*. Our grand prize winner will receive one in their choice of grey or ivory, a $15 value. Others can purchase on Amazon.

*Please check with the manufacturer before using in the car seat, since after market products can in some instances reduce the safety of your car seat.

Win a Lil' Sidekick Tether in US Japan Fam's $500 value
Babies and toddlers love to throw things. Whether it's chucking spoons from the high chair or hurling snack cups and toys from the stroller, it's going to happen, ALOT. They're having fun, they're learning about gravity and how the world works, and they're testing your patience. If you've reached your limit, it's time to get a tether, and we love this one by Lil' Sidekick! Unlike most tethers on the market, this one is extremely versatile - holding anything from a crayon to bottle to large stuffed animal! Also, there's no fabric or velcro to get dirty, it's made of a durable FDA approved dishwasher safe material in the USA! Not only will it keep your child from throwing stuff on the ground, it also serves as a teether! Secure it to any stroller, high chair, swing, backpack, you name it! Our grand prize winner will receive a Lil' Sidekick in their choice of color, a $11 value. Others can purchase on their website or Amazon.

Win The Mommy Hook in US Japan Fam's $500 value
Whether you need a place to hang a couple of grocery bags, your child's back pack, a diaper bag, or a bag of snacks and toys for your little ones, The Mommy Hook makes a stroller pusher's life much much easier!! Made from heavy duty aluminum with a comfortable foam grip, it's a must-have stroller accessory that is extremely useful and budget-friendly! Our grand prize winner will receive one Mommy Hook, in their choice of color, a $9 value. Others can purchase one on Amazon

So, there you go - AMAZING giveaway, right?? Enter for your chance to win in the Rafflecopter box below!! The more actions you take, the more entry points you accumulate, the better your chance of winning! And don't forget, some actions can be done daily, so keep coming back!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and over, the giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, March 15. One winner will be randomly selected, contacted, and given 48 hours to reply before another winner is chosen.

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