Storks: Totally Worth Taking the Kids and Here's Why

Soooo, Storks.  My oldest (6 years old) has been begging to see Storks since she saw the trailer a few months ago during Finding Dory.  I sort of rolled my eyes because after The Secret Life of Pets, I wasn't too psyched about any non-Disney movie.  Let's just say I had low expectations.  So low, in fact, that I sent the hubs to review it.  Oops!  Bad call:

Storks is a great movie with enough silliness for the kids, enough banter for the grown-ups, and little to no use of cringe-worthy potty humor.

Mrs. SwS was on birthday party duty, so I (the hubs) took the Honeybadger and Belle to the movies. Honking bag of popcorn: CHECK. Gas tank sized Sprite: CHECK. Three 3D glasses: CHECK. Potty emergency the moment the chords strike for the Harry Potter trailer: CHECK!

Storks has two main story lines. The first follows an odd-couple dynamic as Tulip (human) and Junior (stork) attempt to deliver a baby without the boss finding out. Hi-jinks ensue. Inventions, wolves, penguins, Stork-conn. The movie has a lot of silliness, which I am in favor of. Silliness is my favorite. The second story line follows a busy Mom and Dad as they try to make time in their busy lives for their son. The boy has some precious one-liners.

Here is why this movie hits all of its intended demographics:
Kids: Lots of stunning scenes, silliness, cute babies, and adventure.
All Grown-ups: Everyone knows a Pigeon Toadie in their office. Absurdity that I find hilarious.
Parents: Relive difficulties of dealing with a newborn. The tough decisions of balancing work and play.

The best part of this is what the movie was missing. The move never put babies in believable danger. The odd couple never has the trite falling-out. There is no potty humor despite ample chances (Lots of diapers, nary a poop joke). Proof-positive that this is not necessary for a kids' movie.

Honeybadger's favorite parts (MILD SPOILER ALERT), and keep in mind that this is the fantastical rambling of a six year old...

"The wolves are one of my favorites!"

"When they make lots and lots of babies because they are so cute" (you have to be there)

"My favorite part about Junior is that well well he didn't really know all about Tulip at the beginning but when the boss said fire her, but then when they had to deliver the baby he started used to how Tulip is and how she acts and what she does."

"Pigeon toady? Well, I like him because his voice is pretty funny. My favorite part was when he was talking about his girlfriend. He shouldn't even be up there because he's a pigeon. Pigeons should be down on land."

"Did I tell you about the baby. Because she is so cute and has ninja skills. Is that the baby, well, she's so cute, she's so nice, she has ninja skills, I think that is very funny."

Do you see what I mean about the rambling?  The point is that she LOVED it and can't wait to own it.

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