30 Days No Sugar...Who's In?!

Ok, here's the deal.  A day or so ago, a friend asked me if I could be *slightly* more specific about the no sugar plan.  What?  You didn't understand my rambling video? Bwhahahahaha!

Day One is Monday.  Try on a pair of tight pants, or hop on the scale if you have one.  Make a note of your starting point. I will be using the Wii fit (2007 holla!), as we don't have a scale. 

No sugar.  No dessert.  No sugar in your coffee.  No soda, and no juice. No honey (but if you get sick, I will not begrudge you a hot toddy).

Eat fruit for the love of all that's holy. Just don't eat ALL of the bananas.  Try to be aware of condiments like ketchup that have a lot of added sugar. This is about removing the extra sugar, not some protopaleomeatonly diet.

I will be having the occasional glass of wine.  Wine after all is from a grape, which is a fruit, so I am pretty much drinking a salad.  Don't judge. 

Don't go crazy and ask the waiter if there is sugar in your soup.  The key here is moderation.

You will be hangry.  You may get a headache.  Here's the good news, that will pass within a couple of days.  The other good will lose weight.  It's crazy, but true.  

It will be shocking to see how sweet everything tastes when you rid yourself of the extra sugar.

Keep me posted on Facebook.  Lets support each other and cheer each other on. I am looking forward to the start of a healthier month!  

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