The Ultimate Travel Humidifier

Lets talk dry air comfort, shall we?  When my hubs was in the Navy, we were stationed on a base in the middle of nowhere.  That sucker was two valleys over from Death Valley.  Yes, that Death Valley.  This beach girl had no clue how to handle the weather there, cause,'s a desert.

It would get so hot that touching your car could spell danger.  Air conditioners were rarely used, so they used these giant humidifiers (called swamp coolers) to cool the air.  Sounds crazy, no?  At any rate, I got used to a certain amount of humidity in the house.  I felt like I was sleeping better and breathing easier.

Fast forward a few years when we had the Honeybadger.  We were freshly in Maryland, in the midst of snowmaggedon, and the dry air was awful!  Forget the heaps of white stuff outside because no way was I leaving our warm nest with our baby.  The bummer part was dryness was affecting everyone.

Enter Crane.  I was trying to set up my first nursery, and ladies you know what that demon is like.  Everything had to be perfect.  I spent hours (maybe hundreds of hours) pouring over bedding, accessories, rugs and window treatments.  Even the diaper pail had to be cute!  Nesting hormones are crazy pants, aren't they?  Anywhoo, Crane had these super cute humidifiers and the reviews were good.  Ok, I am not the review checker in this house, but I am the cuteness factor checker.

Having gotten the thumbs up from the technical half of my marriage, I pulled the trigger, and we couldn't have been happier!  When I was at MommyCon last year, I ran into the lovely representative and couldn't stop gushing about the products that I love.  The best part?  I got to try one I have never heard of...a travel humidifier.

It super cute, and small.  Its about the size of my iPhone, has a plug AND a USB charger in its own travel bag.  Dare I say, SWOON?!  I love when things have their own travel bag.  If you are a traveler, or lets just say you LOVE Vegas (no judgement-LOL), you need this little guy.

Hotel rooms are SO dry, its easy to use and transport.  Don't forget the super cute TRAVEL BAG!! Begone nosebleeds and dry skin! This tiny but mighty guy really works.

Here's another neat part...Crane is giving away a humidifier in my upcoming NEW BABY GIVEAWAY.  It's a doozy, you won't want to miss it, so lets just call this a sneak peek.


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