Surviving the First Sleepover

Not the kid-me.  I'm sure she will be fine and have a fantastic time, but I am nervous.  It's weird to have her not here.

A sweet little friend (and I happen to LOVE her momma) invited the Honeybadger over for her first real sleepover, but it's a little hard for me.

I'm not sure if other moms have the same fears. Fear that she will be scared without me. Fear that something will happen, and I am not there.  So many what ifs.

I have this other big hang up. It is a bit more serious.

My mother was molested as a child.

I am not sure of all of the details, other than it was someone that she knew well. As a result, I am very aware of trying to keep my kiddos safe from predators.

At a certain point, we as parents have to let go and trust other people.  I have to trust that I have instilled in my kids that certain things are private and are only for certain people to touch and see.  Then we let them go into the world with baited breath, and trust.

It's good that this little girl lives very close, and we have been to their house many times.  I know that the Honeybadger is having the time of her life, and I know that she is safe.  The problem is really me trusting.

Learning how to let it go.

It seems that Elsa is good for something.

Here I am, sitting here taking a deep breath, and having a big ol' glass of wine.  Cheers mamas.


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