A Mountain Weekend In West Virginia

Call me crazy, but I took the kids (sans hubs) to the Mountains of West Virginia this weekend.  He desperately needs to finish this Phd, and I desperately need him to finish it. LOL!

I wasn't totally without help.  Belle's godfather (and his hubs) were there.  Actually, it was their new vacation house, and I shamelessly wrangled an invite.  It isn't easy hosting three kids, and they are so gracious!

He is so ready for a dog!

The kiddos had a blast roaming through the "jungle" in the back yard.  Eek!  My poor city dwellers *may* need to spend a bit more time in the great outdoors.  They pretty much ran around in the yard while getting extremely muddy and tired.  Win? Win!

The other part of the time we spent poking around the really cute little town with all of its restaurants and little shops.  This little place, Redwood and Company, makes soaps out of goats' milk.  Its pretty much the sweetest little store EVER!

How cute is this?!

There is also a little brewery next door called the Lost River Brewing Company.  Fresh fish and a pretty imaginative menu for a small town in West Virginia.  Another awesome find was the grass fed beef.  There are local farms that butcher their own cows, and the flavor is incredible.  Talk about happy cows...the scenery is incredible!

The farm butcher shop

I hope you had as much fun this weekend as we did [I did not! - the hubs]!


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